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One of the quickest ways you can receive alerts on an emergency happening in your area is on your phone. But we can’t alert you, if you aren’t signed up to receive emergency alerts.

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before signing up. Make sure you and your family are registered for alerts today.  When you are signed up to receive emergency alerts, you will be notified of an emergency in the city or county. Officials can identify affected areas and send messages via your cell phone that describes a situation and any protective actions that need to be taken.

To sign up, go to the sheriff’s office webpage at click on the emergency telephone notification icon in the middle of the page. Emergency notification system.

Select whether you live in the city or the county.

Tell all your family members and friends to sign up to receive alerts on their phones as well.



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  • When it’s cold outside, don’t forget about your furry family members. Extreme cold affects them too.
    • ·         Remember when the temperatures take a dip, bring your pets inside. Animals don’t exhibit signs of pain when suffering from frostbite.
    • ·         Avoid shaving your dog down to the skin in the winter, but keep long-haired dogs groomed. Longer coats provide more warmth but don’t have it so long that ice crystals and de-icing chemicals get stuck in the dogs hair.
    • ·         What for signs of hypothermia to include weak pulse, dilated pupils, decreased heart rate, extreme shivering, pale or blue mucous membranes, body temperature below 95 degrees, stupor and unconsciousness.
    • ·         If you take your pet out during the winter, avoid taking them on or around ice. If the ice breaks, your pet can be injured or even killed.
    • ·         Wipe your pet’s paws every time after they go outside. Rock salt and other ice-melting materials can cause irritation, sickness and can even be fatal to pets.
    • ·         Make sure to keep antifreeze away pets. Pets may think antifreeze is sweet, but it can be deadly.
    • ·         Be prepared. Extreme weather can cause power outages, some for extended periods of time. Make sure to have an emergency kit prepared for your pet to include water, food, medications and other supplies your pet may need.

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