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Cseke Zsuzsanna Ilona was born in Hungary, received her BA in 1986 at Janus Pannonius University, at the same time she took classes at the Academy of Fine Arts also (1983 - 1987). In 1988 won an international scholarship from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, U.S.A. to join the MFA program there, and later transferred to the Hunter College in New York. She was the student of the Art Student's League of New York from 1988 -1992, studied painting with Leo Manso and Richard Pousette - Dart. In 1992 was the assistant of R. Pousette - Dart. Studied at the Parsons School of Design with Donna Moran from 1989 -1990, and also took classes at the Pratt Institute in 1989. Worked at Studio Blackburn in New York from 1989 - 1990 as a teaching assistant. In 1992 returned to Europe, lived in Roma for two years, then she traveled for a year, stayed in Paris, Stuttgart, London and Budapest, and exhibited. She returned to New York in 1995. She attained permanent residence in the United States as a person of extraordinary ability; extraordinary talent in 1998.She became American citizen in 2005. She got an MA at Brooklyn College in 2004.

Solo Shows:

1986 Pataky Gallery Budapest

1987 Eötvös Klub, Budapest

1988 Bonducci Gallery, Amherst, MA

1988 The Hungarian House, New York

1989 Kossuth Club, New York

1989 Palace Hotel, Cleveland, OH

1989 Centro Culturale degli Artisti, Roma

1992 Galerie Rockefoucauld, Paris

1993 Hotel Hélia, Budapest

1994 Studio Swaltz, Stuttgart

1995 Esslinger Bank, Esslingen, Germany

1996 Institute für Kath. Theologie, Aachen, Germany

2006 Hungarian American Club of New Mexico, Albuquerque

2006 Hungarian House, San Diego, CA

2006 Hungarian Club of Colorado, Aurora

2006 Regina Hungarian & Social Club, Regina, SK, Canada

2006 Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre, Museum, Toronto

2006 Hungarian American Cultural Center, Taylor, Michigan

2006 House of Hungarians, World Federation of Hungarians, Budapest

2006 Hungarian Community Centre, Melburne, Australia

2006 Ungarischsprachige Katholische Mission, Munchen

2006 Casa Ungaro, Sao Paulo, Brasil

2006 « COULEURs HONGROISES » œuvres du peintre Zsuzsanna Cseke au LIGOURES, Salle Paul Marc, Pays d'aix Associacions, Place Romée de Villeneuve,  Aix-En-Provence en presence de son Excelence L'Ambassadeur de Hongrie

2006 Association France-Hongrie, Aix-en-Province, France, traveling show

Group Shows:

1987 The Ninth Mini Print Biennale, Tihany, Hungary

1988 Biennal de l’Estampe, Perpignan, France

1989 Kew Gallery, New York

1989 Emerging Collector Gallery, New York

1989 Norwegian Print Triennial, Fredrikstad

1989 Allan Stone Gallery, New York

1989 Viridian Gallery, New York

1989 Salon de Peinture et D'Estample de Montreal

1990 International Mini Print Biennal, Cadaques, Spain

1990 Museo del Cultura de Catalunya, Madrid

1990 Taller Galleria, Barcelona

1990 International Mini Print Biennal, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto

1990 University of Honolulu, Honolulu

1990 “The SOHO 90's”, Monserrat Gallery, New York

1990 'Eight Printmakers at the Late 20th Century', Lincoln Center Gallery, New York

1990 The National Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, Santa Fe, Texas

1991 Miniprint -91 Susekullem, Olofstrom, Sweden

1992 Gallery Tibor de Nagy, New York

1992 17th Kanagawa Independante, Kanagawa, Japan

1992 Galleria Arte Cortina, Roma

1992 - 1994 Galleria di Serpenti,  member, Roma

1992  Galleria e Centro Culturale di Sarro, Roma

1993 Galleria Idea, Roma

1994 Foreign Showcase, Monserrat Gallery, New York

1994 International Miniprint Exhibition, Napa, USA

1994 - 1995 Csók Galéria, Budapest

1994 Csontváry Galéria, Budapest

1994 East West Gallery, London

1994 Biennial of Miniature Graphic Arts, Bristol, England

1994 Biennal a l'Espace Branly, Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Le Salon l'Espace Branly,Grand Palais, Paris

1995 - 2001 Exhibit A Gallery, New York

1995 Esslinger Gallery, New York

1996 - 1997 The Space Collection, New York

1998 Goldstrom Gallery, New York

Salon SNBA - 1999, Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, 'Au Carrousel du Louvre', Salle Le Nôtre, Grand Louvre, Paris

Salon SNBA - 2000, Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, 'Au Carrousel du Louvre', Salle Le Nôtre, Grand Louvre, Paris

2005 Buruyukke Gallery, Osaka, Japan

2oo6 Hungarian Folklore Museum, Passaic, New Jersey

2007 Hungarian Heritage Museum, New Brunswick, New Jersey



1988 International Scholarship University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

1989 Grant of Soros Foundation, New York

1988-1991 Board of Control Scholarship, The Art Students’ League of New York

1990 Merit Scholarship of The Art Students' League of New York

1990 'Best in the Show' Award, Gallery of The Art Students' League of New York

2001 Grant of Emery and Ilona Ladanyi Foundation



1999 – 2000 Artist/Lecturer, Brooklyn Library, New York



1982 – 1987 Atelier Rembrandt, Budapest

1989 - 1990 Teaching Assistant, Studio Blackburn, New York


Wrote about the Artist:

Vito Apuleo, art historian, Massimo di Forti, editor of Cultural Affairs, Fabiana mendia, art historian: Il Messagero, Roma; Giorgio Fasan, director of Satyricon and Il Giovedi, designer and curator of the cultural pages of La Repubblica, Roma; Paolo Diffidenti: JAFJ Press Magazine, Roma; Alessia Bisantis: Insieme Oggi, Roma; Giovanni Schiuto:L'Altre Monde,Paris; Giovanni Benedettini: Idea, Roma



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Daniel Guffroy: COLLOQUE CONNAISSANCE DE LA HONGRIE. In: Amities France-Hongrie, n.24 Decembre 2006

Listed in:

Archives of the Drawing Center, New York since 1990

The Archives of Palazzo di Esposizioni, Roma since 1992

The Archives of Galleria e Centro Culturale di Sarro, Roma since 1992

The Archives of Woman Artists in the National Museum of Women in the Arts,Library and Research Center, Washington DC since 1995

The New York Public Library, New York since 1995

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA since 2006


Film, Video 

Augusto Giordano (RAI TV 2) Introduces the Artist In 'Intervista Giornale", Radio GR2, Roma, Sept.28.1992.19.30 h.

PécsTV: Szenner Mónika: Transylvanian Journey– Opening, Pont Ma (News), July 15th 12:33 2006

PécsTV: Szenner Mónika: Transylvanian Journey – Interview, Publikum, July 15th 5:13 2006


BBC-World Service, London

Radio France-Direction des affaires internationals, Paris

Radio Monte Carlo, Monaco

Bayerische Rundfunk, Munchen

The Cesar Barbieri Center, Italian  Branch, Roma

Centro Culturale degli Artisti, Roma

Ufficio Italiano Cambi, Roma

Astrophysical Institute, Brussels

Accademia  Nazionale di Danza, Roma

Center Culturel Francais, Roma

European Broadcasting Union, Geneve

Verlag Aenne Burda Gmbh CO.Kg. Offenburg

Algemaine Plakat Geselschaft, Zurich

Adrienne  Vitadini, fashion designer, New York

Birgit Culberg, choreographer, Stockholm

Centro Letterario del Lazio, Roma

Instituto Cultura e Lavoro, Roma

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nation, Roma

Cegetel, La Defense, Paris

Király Béla, Columbia University, New York

Books published:

Sun Woven Away


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List of artworks:

 1. Study. 1986. Budapest. Charcoal on paper. 140x100 cm

 2. Study. 1986. Budapest. Charcoal on paper.140x100 cm

 2.1. Mr. Braque. 1988. Amherst. MA. Lithograph on paper. 29x23 cm             

 3. Reincarnation. 1987. Budapest. Etching on paper. 6x10 cm  

 4. Deja vu. 1987. Budapest. Etching on paper. 6x10 cm

 5. Diabolique ou Devine. 1990. New York. Serigraph on paper.  25x29 cm

 6. Pourqui je ne puis dire. 1990. New York. Serigraph on paper. 50x70 cm

 7. Enigma. Triptych. New York. 1990. Serigraph on paper. 4x6 cm each

 8. Le poem de l’Extase. 1991. New York. Oil on canvas. 70x50 cm

 9. Euphonie. Triptych. New York. Serigraph and liquid acrylic on paper. 30x35.5 cm each

10. Adagio d’oro. 1992. Tivoli. Italy. Oil on canvas. 60x60 cm

11. Viaggiatore. 1992. Rome. Oil on canvas. 100x140 c

12. "Mehr Licht!" 1992. Rome. Oil on canvas. 50x70 cm

13. Phases of the three Moons. 1993. Roma. Oil on canvas. 50x70 cm

14. Les Illuminations. 1995. New York. Oil on canvas. 50x70 cm

15. Island of faith. 1995. New York. Oil on canvas. 50x70 cm

16. Transgression. 2001. New York. Oil on canvas. 50x70 cm

17. Second rendez-vous. 1994. Paris. Oil on canvas. 60x70 cm

18. Metamorphosis. 2004. New York. Oil on vellum and iridescent Japanese paper. 70x50 cm

19. Typos. 2004. New York. Oil on vellum. 70x50 cm.

20. Antitypos. 2oo4. New York. Oil and glass beads on vellum. 70x50 cm












"I am who I am"

- said the Mystery, and didn't tell his name, you cannot pronounce the essence anyway.

How could you possibly describe the perfume of the flowers, the taste of the water from the stream, the flight of the birds, the power of the unspoken words, the intimacy of human touch, and the mystery of feelings, passion and love.

We would like to grasp and understand all of this. Love is a wish, a will which springs deep in our soul. Its way is to catch the magic of the moment, which by the next moment belongs to the past, then with imagination recreate it from the store of our memory building it to our present moment and our future. We are the catalyst for an endless river of colors flowing through us; the more we take and harmonize the more we are able to give. If you stare at the sun, it blinds you, and by reflex it makes you close your eyes. Black is the absence of color, white the synthesis of every color. If you want to get to the white you have to experience the spectrum of the colors first.

We are fragile and vulnerable, but since freedom hasn't been given to us, we have to look for it. If you want to grow a pearl inside, you must suffer like the oyster with his grain of sand.

"I am who I am" - I say -, a rose, a butterfly, a drop of the ocean, rainbow, dream, reality, secret, shining light far away, your tears. Part of the nature, the nature itself, the chaos of the creation, destruction, recreation, form, color, space, light, movement, time, and once, at the right moment everything comes together with one brush stroke, and harmony has born.

There is a wish for harmony in all of us, beauty is the only flower. In every color there's the light, in every stone sleeps a crystal.

My light is the moon, my path - the ocean, my guide - the sound of silence....


"Vagyok aki vagyok"

- mondta a Titok, és nem mondta meg a nevét - “úgysem tudod kiejteni a lényeget, hiába próbálod.”

Hogyan tudnád leírni a virágok illatát, a forrás vizének ízét, a madarak reptét, a tekintet és a kimondatlan szavak erejét, az emberi érintés intimitását, az érzések, szenvedély, a szerelem varázsát? A szél fuvallata, a tenger zúgása, a madarak éneke válaszol.

Szeretnénk mindezt felfogni és megérteni. A szeretet egy vágy, ami a lelkünk mélyén fakad. Az útja megragadni a pillanat varázsát, ami a következő pillanatban már a múlthoz tartozik. Aztán újtateremtjük az emlékezetünk tárházából, és beépítjük a jelenünkbe, jövőnkbe. A színek végtelen folyamának katalizátorai vagyunk; minél több színt engedünk keresztül áramlani magunkon harmonizálva azt, annál többet vagyunk képesek adni.

Ha hirtelen a napba nézel, elvakít, és reflexszerűen eltakarod a szemed. A fekete a színek hiányát jelenti, a fehér a színek összességét. Ha el akarsz jutni a fehérhez, előbb végig kell próbálnod a színek spektrumát. Törékenyek vagyunk és sebezhetők, de mivel a szabadság nem adatott meg, nekünk, magunknak kell azt keresnünk. Ha gyöngyöt akarsz képezni magadban fogadd el a megpróbáltatást, mint a kagyló, miközben a homokszemcsével küzködik.

"Vagyok aki vagyok" – mondom én -," rózsaszál, pillangó, csepp a tengerben, szivárvány, álom, valóság, titok, ragyogó messze fény, a könnyeid". A természet része, a természet maga, a teremtés, pusztulás, újtateremtés, forma, szín, tér, fény, mozgás, idő káosza - és egyszer csak, a megfelelő pillanatban, minden összeáll egyetlen ecsetvonással , és létrejön a harmónia.

Mindannyiunkban él a vágy a harmóniára, csak ami szép, az a virág. Minden színben jelen van a fény, minden kőben alszik egy kristály. Fényem a hold fénye, utam az óceán, vezetőm a csend hangja..

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