Web based, Asynchronous Music Player client for MPD

What is MPD WebAMP?

Music Player Daemon Web-based Asynchronous Music Player client.

MPD WebAMP is a web client to control music playback on a media server PC.  The program is based on TurboGears and interfaces with the Music Player Daemon, a system service available on GNU/Linux PCs.  MPD WebAMP provides the features and interface of a desktop application in a web based format.  This is an open source project released under the Gnu General Public License (GPL).

Provides the following capabilities:

  • Browsing of music library by folder structure.
  • Playlist manipulation, saving and loading.
  • Playback controls, volume, seek and live status display.
  • Album art, lyrics, and top ten similar artists for currently playing song.
  • Search by file name or search by artist, album or song.
  • Sessions: resume from where you left off.
  • Completely Asynchronous interface, no refreshing needed.
  • Designed for multiple simultaneous users. 
  • Support for custom themes, comes with the standard gray, red, white, and blue themes.


Why use a web app to play music?

Using MPD and along with a web based client such as MPD WebAMP allows you the freedom to hear your music through your best speakers while controlling it from any PC/device with a web browser.  Do you spend a lot of time on a laptop?  Those laptop speakers sound great, don't they?  

Using a client/server model for music playback also allows multiple PCs to work with the same playlist and media controls.  For better or worse, everyone can have their own personal remote control for your music player.  Also, playback won't stop just because you close the page, if your system crashes, you need to restart, or just want to move to another PC, the music will continue uninterrupted.

For those of us with a "webpad", such as the Pepper Pad, this application can be used to turn it into a remote control for music playback.


Important note about browsers

Firefox is recommended for full compatibility, although most modern browsers will work for most features.  This has been tested against Firefox, Epiphany, Konqueror, and Opera.  Internet Explorer 6 can NOT handle this application.