Ágnes Cseh

  • PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of Martin Skutella at TU Berlin, 2015
  • MSc in Mathematics at TU Berlin, 2012
  • BSc in Mathematics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 2010
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PhD thesis, title: Complexity and algorithms in matching problems under preferences

Research interests: graph algorithms, game theory, complexity, combinatorial optimization, stable matchings, popular matchings. 
E-mail: cseh.agnes (at) krtk.mta.hu


Book chapter:
  • Popular matchings. In Trends in Computational Social Choice, editor: Ulle Endriss. AI Access, 2017

Peer-reviewed papers:

TitleCoauthors Conference Journal 
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The Stable Roommates problem with short lists
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Stable flows over timeJ. Matuschke and M. SkutellaMATCH-UP 2012Algorithms (MATCH-UP Special Issue), 6:532-545, 2013

Miscellaneous publications:
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