Charles "Chip" T. Sebens

Department of Philosophy, University of Michigan

Curriculum Vitae | Research


I recently taught a course on science fiction and philosophy.  My syllabus is available here.

Reading Group

I founded a reading group on the philosophy of physics at the University of Michigan.  In January we hosted a workshop on the foundations of general relativity.
I study the philosophy of physics, focusing on the foundations of quantum theory.  I'm curious about whether our best ways of understanding non-relativistic quantum mechanics (such as Bohmian mechanics, Everettian QM, and GRW theory) can be extended to quantum field theory.  In addition, I'd like to better understand how probability arises in various interpretations of quantum mechanics.  Particularly, I am interested in the ways in which self-locating uncertainty arises in quantum mechanics and how we ought to respond to it.  I also have research interests in formal epistemology and metaphysics.  I am currently a fourth year graduate student at the University of Michigan.  I received my bachelor's degree from MIT and my master's from the University of Oxford.

This poster situates my recent research questions in the broader project of figuring out how to best formulate quantum mechanics.  For an accessible introduction to the debate, check out this video.
Quantum Mechanics as Classical Physics  [abstract] [draft] [handout]
UWO LMP 5/18/13

Self-Locating Uncertainty and the Origin of Probability in Everettian Quantum Mechanics with Sean Carroll 
[abstract] [draft]
Presented at PhiloSTEM-5 3/15/13
University of Michigan 2/19/13

Killer Collapse: Empirically Probing the Philosophically Unsatisfactory Region of GRW  [abstract] [draft]

A Laws-First Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
  [abstract] [draft]