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Young Union Members are the future of CSEA.  CSEA Next Wave is a community of members, 35 and under, dedicated to empowering, activating, and developing leadership amoung the future generation of union leaders.  We respond to issues that affect our members, take an active part in the labor community, and ensure that every voice is heard.

Any member of CSEA, age 35 and under, is welcomed and encouraged to attend our next meeting.  You are our future and we need you to keep our future strong.  If you are interested in being part of the Next Wave, but are unable to attend, please contact us and we will collect your information to keep you posted on new and upcoming activities.  For information, contact the committee chairperson, Sheri Ambuski at 716-244-1347.


To promote activism for Organized Labor in young members
To create opportunities to learn about the rich history of the Labor Movement and connect them with the political system upon which they can have influence
To create leadership training opportunities for young members