Welcome to CSE 477 group C website! 

This website contains materials related to our Drone Dance Revolution (DDR) project. 
The DDR project is under the spring 2011 CSE 477 class projects. The class is a capstone class for both CSE and EE students. Supervised by prof. Shwetak Patel, the main requirement for the class project is to design an embedded system that involves custom software and hardware. For our project, the Parrot AR Drone,PC,and a Kinect will be used.

The main idea of the project is to build a game involving a quadricopter(AR Drone) and a PC with Kinect connected to it, inspired from the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. This is a multi player game,in which the players compete against one another. A sample scenario involving two players is described in the following. First player steps in front of the Kinect with music playing and performs a set of dance gestures (pre defined) that translate to drone movements in real time. All the drone movements are saved, and the second player steps in (infront of the Kinect with the drone facing him). Now, the drone movements recorded by the first player are replayed and the second player would have to perform the corresponding human dance gesture relating to every drone movement matching the drone's speed levels. The second player is evaluated( a score is generated) on how timely his body movements are compared to the drone. Now, the second player gets his turn to record dance movements, with the first player trying to replicate them. The player with the highest score wins, and his dance routine is saved onto a controller. The saved drone dance routine can be replayed anywhere without the PC and Kinect.  

For our demo, we will demonstrate how the first player creates a dance that is stored in Chumby.  Next, player two will watch the drone replay player one's dance and try to match player one's dance moves while the Kinect is recording.  The data from player two's dance will then be compared to player one's dance and a score will be generated on how closely player two was able to match player one.   

Every week, the activities of the team will be recorded in the Lab Notebook page. The page will be the journal of the group activities throughout the whole quarter. The journal will be grouped and updated weekly, so other people, other groups, and also the supervisor will be able to see the development of our group project.    

All the documentations of the project will be stored in the documentation page. The documents will include some major documents that are required in the class, such as project proposal, project brochure, and product requirements document. Some of the documents will be updated throughout the quarter to show project progress.