This is the course homepage for Computer Graphics course at Department of CSE, BUET. Here necessary materials, evaluations, class lectures, class schedules and other important information will be posted from time to time. We do thank everyone for enrolling to the course CSE 409 and CSE 410.


Computer Graphics is one of the most exciting field of computer science. It incorporates theoretical and applied concepts from Geometry and Computational Geometry, Vector and Matrix Algebra, Computer Architecture, Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Signal Theory and so on.


In the theory course CSE 409, we will mainly explore 2D-3D Transformations, Vector methods, Model-View-Projection or Graphics pipeline, Color, Lighting techniques, Shading Techniques, Texture, Curved Surface, Fractals, Anti aliasing, Rasterization tecniques, Bitmap and Vector graphics and so on. If we get time, we might visit some topics from the exciting field of Computational Photography.

In the sessional course we will concentrate on OpenGL. OpenGL is a graphics library developed by SGI which works as a intermediary between graphics hardware and the programmer. All major graphics card vendors include OpenGL drivers. OpenGL is not hard, but requires some working concept of Transformation, Projection, Color, State machine, Lighting, Texturing etc. Moreover, if you want to make a realistic render of a scence, you need other programming skills also.


Our first assignment will be based on modeling. Where you will be given one offline and one online task. This online and offline on basic modeling are individual. Later assignments should be done in a group of two students. At that time, we will develop a project (an environment or a game) step by step. Possible steps are basic modeling, scene design, texturing, lighting. After that, each group will have to complete a special part which will be based on features like of motion or collision detection, using scene graph, adding physics or rendering a scene.


Computer Graphics - CSE 409 course instructors are
  • Md. Tanvir Al Amin   tanviralamin at gmail dot com
  • Tanaeem M. Moosa  tanaeem.moosa at csebuet dot org
CSE 410 sessional course is instructed by
  • Md. Tanvir Al Amin tanviralamin at gmail dot com | homepage
  • Tanaeem M. Moosa tanaeem.moosa at csebuet dot org
  • Shihabur Rahman Chowdhury shihab.buet at gmail dot com

Enjoy. Have a nice term.

25 Aug
CSE 409 Compensating Assignment,  Deadline

A1 will submit Assignment 1 on 4th week, A2 will also submit on 4th week
30 May
Sessional: Important discussion and practice on transformation and modeling. Both section should present
23 May
Sunday. Both A1,A2 should come to sessional at 11 AM and both B1, B2 at 2:30 PM at IAC Seminar room

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