Why I Chose the Northeastern CSDC Program

By: Danielle Remigio'13

The perfect fit.

 There is such a level of anxiety that is guaranteed during the graduate school application process. I worried about not only getting in to a program but also making the right choice of where to go. Who knows that it’s actually like beyond the brochures, smiling faces on tours and reviews through websites? You never really know until you get into it.

 It may only have started a few months ago but I have never doubted that I should be here. I am a big supporter of “everything happens for a reason” and this is no exception. What makes me feel this way? My job? Ya, it’s great but what else? Classes? Really interesting but there’s one more thing.

 The people. It is easy to see that I was meant to be in this group of people. There are members of the first year cohort that I feel like I have been friends with for ages. For a lot of us, things just seemed to click. We’ve been each other’s biggest supporters. There isn’t any sort of competition of who has the best connections or best opinions in class. We just like to have fun and be together. With classes, everyone is willing to lend a hand, meet for a study session, or give advice.

 Northeastern is unique to a lot of other Student Affairs programs because we are so geographically separated with our jobs across the city. We live separate lives and get thrown together during class three days a week. But it doesn’t feel like it. In the past three months we’ve become a family. A very unique, quirky and typical “millennial” family, but a family nonetheless.

 Not once have I doubted joining the ranks of the CSDC Huskies. Why go anywhere else when I have my family here? Thanks for making my decision worthwhile, guys. It’s going to be a fun ride.