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C.S. Davidson, Inc.. provides various types of GIS services to our clients. The services include completely interactive systems that incorporate detailed databases to specifically adapted geo-spatial locations or simple systems that tie static databases to basic digital mapping. The type of product depends upon the need of the client, type of info/use they desire and their budget. Some GIS systems are used solely for information retrieval. This would include tracking building permits, asset inventory, infrastructure maintenance, infrastructure reports and other more static type of information. A complex GIS would be used to track and analyze constantly changing data. Examples of this would be land uses, sewer/water flows, traffic counts, or identifying properties that meet user specified criteria. Both types are very powerful tools for managing infrastructure, permitting, inventories, maintenance to name a few examples, but the uses are completely unlimited. The secret to an effective and efficient GIS is knowing and planning for not only how it will be used initially, but how it will be used in the future. A client can start with a very modest GIS system and slowly build it into a very large completely interactive tool. Another great feature of GIS is that it can have a diverse group of users. The GIS owner might have access to all the information within the GIS, but could provide limited access to the public for some of the information. C.S. Davidson helps clients determine which type of GIS is best for their needs and can also provide periodic maintenance of the GIS and its various databases.

To learn more about our firm and various services - please feel free to email Tom Englerth directly or call him @ 717.814.4567
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