by Vaikkom Vivekanandan

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Preface and Forward

Child hood Days

Feels the suffering of the animal as his own. 24-25

Becomes aware of the love that brims over from everything in nature 30-31

Feels the meaninglessness of caste. 40-41


No compromise with principles. 95-106

The soulful nature; the sin of caste sytsem. 118-119

Gets the doors of knowledge opened. 125

With Amam Swami. 170

Learns Islam. 192-193

Realization. 216

Later Life and Thought

Writes book on Christianity. 238-239

Views on the position of women 264-265

On Non violence. 274-275

Against untouchablity. 294-295

Animals have right to share nature’s bounties. 306-307

The correct interpretation to caste. 328-329

Vallathol Narayana Menon and Kaikkulangara Ramavarier’s experience. 336-337

Initiates Chinmayananda Swami.346-347

Other Works on Swami
by Vaikkom Vivekanandan

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