Vidhyadhiraja Parmabhattara Chattampi Swami Puraskaram -2016

Chattampi Swami was a social and religious reformer who broke down caste inequality of 19nth century Kerala. He argued for rights of women, equal access to education and removal of any restrictions on temple entry. It is a quirk of history that he is less well known even inside Kerala than many of his contemporaries and followers. He was a master of all arts and had commendable mastery over diverse fields of knowledge.  He possessed extraordinary memory power. Veda, Grammar, Astrology, Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga, Tarka Sasthra, Manatravada, Tantra Vidya and Tamil and Sanskrit literature were a few areas of his interest. He was a singer and composer. While his favorite art was music, his favorite instrument was Ganjira. His skill in playing on any instrument with originality was widely known and acclaimed. He was interested in acting, particularly in Kathakali. He was equally good at painting. He was a wrestler par excellence. His poems and writings were the off springs of necessity. His Yoga Siddhi had given him the power of prophecy. Many Expert Ayurvedic physicians like, Aranmula Narayana Pilla Vaidhyan, O N Krishnakurup father of ONV Kurup, Ravi Varma Tampan, K G Gopala Pillai who was Director of Ayurveda Department of Travancore etc were his disciples and have tested and used many of the medicines and treatment methods he taught them which were not available in texts known to them. So if take any field in which Swami has expertise we can find disciples who have brought his theories into practice. It is a irony of history that such a person responsible for the present social and cultural status of Kerala remains behind the veil in history I n this context the Vidhyadhiraja Parama Bhattara Chattampi Swami Puraskarams instituted by one who is inspired by his life and work is a befitting offering to him. The first editions of Parama Bhattara Chattampi Swami Puraskarams will be presented on 7th April  2016  which is  his Samadhi day.

There are three Awards in Swamis' name; Apoorva Vaidhya Puraskaram, Vaidhyasreshta Puraskaram, and  Best Ayurveda Research Paper Award. Each Award consist of a citation and Cash Award of Rs. 10001

Apoorva Vaidhya Puraskaram 2016

Apoorva Vaidhya Puraskaram 2016 consisting of a Citation and Cash Award of Rs. 10001 was granted to  Dr. M P Anil Vaidhyamangalam. Born in Kuttanad in 1965 he secured he has  post graduate degrees in three subjects and PhD. He is an expert in medicine, astrology, Kerala's martial art Kalarippayattu,  Orthopedics, mysticism, traditional and veterinary medicine. He has also learned traditionally Kerala's performing arts Ottanthullal, Velakali, and Padeni and is a good performer.  He has published more than 15 books and numerous articles and research papers. His expertise, devotions and interests have many similarities with that of Swami and hence the first edition of the award  recognizes these qualities in him.

Vaidhyasreshta Puraskaram 2016: 

Vaidhyasreshta Puraskaram 2016:  2016 consisting of a Citation and Cash Award of  Rs. 10001 was granted to Dr. S Sunilkumar. Born in Nedumangad in 1967 he studied medicine at Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. He was trained in treatment under his father Dr. Sivasankara Pillai who was an expert Ayurveda physician.  He is running the hospital Danwanthari Oushadalayla for the last two decades. He has edited and republished with his commentary the Ayurveda classics in Malayalam Yogasaram, Vaidhyamalika, and Vaidhyasarasangraham. His capabilities and a medical practitioner and contributions to our scientific literature would have been responded with love and appreciation if he lived in Swamis' days.

Best Ayurveda Research Paper Award 2016

Ms V M Lekshmi secured the Award for Best Ayurveda Research paper by Students, 2016: consisting of a Citation and Cash Award of Rs. 10001 was granted to  Ms. V M Lekshmi.  Lekshmi born in Idukki district is presently pursuing Ayurveda Degree Programme in Kanyakumari district Tamil Nadu. She has published general articles on Ayurveda and health in numerous popular journals and magazines. She also writes on Vedanta and spirituality and has interest in music. Many children Swami met we by his influence attracted study of indigenous science or literature and  this child surely will have the blessings of Swami to pursue the study  and research in the science  she has selected which is our great heritage.

The  Awards will be formally presented at a function to be conducted on the Chattampi Swami Samadhi day on 7nth May 2016 at Vattiyoorkavu Sahakarana Bank Hall. The programme is organized by Devi Nair Samajam Vatiyoorkavu Unit, of Trivandrum which is registered under Samastha Nair Samajam.

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