Schedule  (We're located in the 'Telfair' room)

 9:00-9:30 introductions     
 9:30-10:00Most Triumphant!
(led by Marleigh)

So what is fun?  Hell if I know, but there's some other people with a few ideas.  I'll present some thoughts on the subject and frameworks for analysis pulled from the field of game studies.  Exact list TBD, but we'll probably do some Lazzaro and LeBlanc, maybe go old skool and throw in some Sutton-Smith.  After a whirlwind overview from the scholars, we'll switch to discussion mode to talk about whether there's anything in there that can be applied to the workplace.  Maybe the answer is no, but someone ought to check, and it's going to be us.
 10:00-10:30Persona Debate : Players vs. Haters
(led by Henriette and Helena)

Fun isn't the same for everyone, nor is it appreciated all  the time. Some people don't appear to be such 'fun people', perhaps they even appear intent on stripping anything that might resemble fun from the workplace at all. Others appear to be having just a little bit too much fun at work. Using the props we'll bring, we'll ask the workshop participants to step into the shoes of both of these extremes and battle it out. Using the points made we want to elicit the diversity of perspectives on 'fun' at the workplace.
 10:30-11:00 break
 11:00-11:30Introduction : Lolwot?
(led by Andrew)

10 minute intro and talk
10 minute crash course in building inside Second Life
10 minute helping people sign up for accounts (if necessary) and connect
 11:30-12:00 Gaming the System
(led by Zach)

I'd like to discuss the fun that comes with experiences that are not full 'games', but are unbounded creative (and hopefully fun) activities that are about 'gaming the system.' These activities might be described as playful or ludic, and I'd like to think through how 'gaming the system' works, and why it might be valuable for structuring workplace interactions. I'll give a few minutes of presentation and examples and then open the floor to brainstorming and discussion for other ways that technology can help structure game-like experiences.
 12:00-12:30 morning discussion
 12:30-2:30 group lunch
(led by Marleigh)

This one's less about you learning from me, and more about me learning from you.  The problem, how to be playful without losing respect?  Our lab's a pretty fun place where silliness is encouraged.  Sadly, this is sometimes perceived as a lack of rigor, where rules are flexible and when your boss tells you to do something surely it's really just a suggestion.  It's an ongoing struggle we have at GAMBIT.  Can the culture be both hard working and playful, or is that too confusing?  Are there lines that shouldn't be crossed?  Or maybe you shouldn't try to do both at once, and the silliness is a reward for hard work?  I don't know.  Ponder.  We'll discuss.  I'll bring Legos or something.
 3:00-3:30Brainstorm on Fun & Serious Presentation
(led by Henriette and Helena)

Scientific papers on fun, usually aren't too much fun themselves. How can we change that while preserving substance? We'll bring in examples of material that appears to succeed at making serious (or boring) information fun. This could include advertising, kid's books, art,…

We'd like to ask everyone to bring in examples they have liked and use the example to generate concepts for the way we'll present possible workshop products.
 3:30-4:00Collaborative Construction: An Experiment & Discussion
(led by Andrew)

20 minute build challenge
- I will split people into teams of 2 and hand one person from each team an image of something to build.  They will need to build the object with the other member of their team, using ONLY in-world tools to communicate.  They cannot say the name of the object, but can describe it in all other ways.

10 minute "review" and discussion
- How did the teams do?  Any thoughts about what was learned?
 4:00-4:30 break
 4:30-5:00The Merry Pranksters
(led by Zach)

I'll bring a few ideas, but I wonder what we workshoppers can do to bring PLAY and FUN into the wider CSCW conference community? I'd love to have a band of merry pranksters to infuse CSCW with new energy and new perspectives. I'll lead the brainstorming, and maybe these will only be thought experiments (worthy on their own). But if we have ideas that are good enough to actually implement, then that will be a great outcome too.
 5:00-5:30 discussion
 5:30-6:00 wrap-up

Achievements Unlocked!

First Mover!  (first to send in an idea)  : Henriette, Helena, Ylva
Immersion Course!  (first to integrate a hands-on course) : Andrew
WTFun!!!  (first to have fun with exclamations!!!) : Marleigh
Rebel for Fun! (first to try to 'game the system') : Zach

Rules of Play

Given our small numbers, this is an opportunity to try out a more interactive approach than the typical workshop...  We'd like YOU, the author, to help lead the discussions and shape the agenda.   This is a great opportunity for you to help further something you want out of this workshop.

The ultimate goal: gather ideas and details to help develop a special issue, a book, or a new workshop venue related to this workshop.

Here's how it will work:

1.  You will have two 30-minute slots : one in the morning, one in the afternoon.  
2.  You can use these slots as you see fit : talk about a topic of interest, lead a discussion, conduct a hands-on activity, run a tutorial, etc.
3.  At least one of your slots should help everyone towards the ultimate goal - a special issue, a book, or a new workshop venue.
4.  Your activity should be fun!

Pick your slots from the schedule below by choosing a letter : A,B,C,D.   Email back 4 letters, from most preferred slot to least preferred, along with a short title for each slot. The agenda will be set up first come, first served.   Once you have a scheduled slot, email back if you want to change your topics based on others' ideas.

For example:

Slot preferences : A,D,B,C (most preferred to least)
morning slot = "Tutorial : How to Use LEGOs to turn 'Bored Meetings' into Fun Meetings"
afternoon slot = "Brainstorm about People To Contact for 'Fun at Work' Anecdotes"