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  The CSC Sports Network for Next Gen was founded in 2008. Mission:
  • To consolidate online PS4 sports

  • To eliminate "cheese play"

  • To encourage good sportsmanship

  • To eliminate the hassle of "no shows"

  • To encourage fun and friendship

Commish - W.K Bulls II
Leave your skirts at the door!!! Welcome to College Swammp Cammp aka CSC 
  • Founded in 1992 on Sega Genesis

  • Madden version: Madden '92

  • 4 Founders from Tuskegee University 

  • CSC Football is by REFERRALS ONLY!  

 Hall of Fame
  M25 Hall of Fame Inductees
Coach: Sean "nomatterwhat1"
Coach: Shawn "Socheel"
Coach: Bulls "Bulls"
 Coach: Zach "clock0work6"
Coach: Rob "dollartrifecta"
Regular Season Awards  

Offensive Award: "High scorer"
Coach: Bass "Bass2881"

Defensive Award: 
"Lock 'em down" 
Coach: Dave "Mastdog" 

Sportsmanship Award:
"Always ready to play"
Coach: Jimmie "Sherod1964"

GM/Coach Award: "Master gameplay & moves"
Coach: Mason "OneKindBlackGuy"


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Hosted by El Loco Toro 

A Running with The Bulls Production

Bleacher's Report

Madden 16: CSC Season XXIX
CSC Play Station 4 Edition

Season XXIX Updates
  • Advances: Wednesday & Sunday @ 11 pm est
  • CSC HQ has the right to adjust advances.
  • Game of the Week: Go to CSC
  • Weekly Sportsline: Go to CSC
  • Rule Updates: Go to: Game Play & Rules
Article - CSC Rule Changes
  • Preface: CSC HQ has initiated the following scheduling process:

Rules: Advance will be twice in 7-days. NO EXTENSIONS. CSC HQ will post Advance Notification in the CSC Scheduling room (look for CSC Shield). All Coaches are required to have their Team Name on avatar in CSC Scheduling room.

Scheduling: Intitial scheduling will be done in Groupme CSC Scheduling room at the start of each week. This room is for scheduling ONLY! All other communication will be posted in CSC Main Board on Groupme.

Process: Go to Groupme CSC Scheduling room. Post initial scheduling message within first 24 hours of advance. The Scheduling Monitor will "Like" all APPROVED initial posts. All other scheduling communication will occur either by Groupme PM or text. CSC HQ will post 24 HR icon after the deadline. If any scheduling issues post on Groupme CSC Scheduling at least 24 hours BEFORE the advance day (post screen shots).If no initial post or not approved, then game is subject to be simmed at CSC HQ discretion.

  • GOOD Example: To Raiders...I can play M-W from 6-10 pm est. I am not available on Sun. Let me know when you can play. (Approved)
  • BAD Example: Raiders when can you play? (Not Approved)
CSC Executive Staff

  • Commish: Bulls-Panthers
  • Co-Commish: Mason-Chiefs
  • V.P. of Communication: Bass-Broncos
  • V.P. of Scheduling: Jamison-Seahawks
  • V.P. of Membership: Dwayne-Packers
  • V.P. of Competition: Brian-Saints
  • V.P. of Player Personnel: Vernon-Titans

Wall of Honor:
 NCAA Trophy       Madden Trophy
Championship Rings    Tourney Trophy
Championship Glory
Welcome to CSC Championship Glory!!! 
    • Obtain a League Championship Trophy

    • Obtain a Championship Banner

    • Obtain a Championship Ring

    • Obtain a Tourney Trophy

    • Obtain a Regular Season Award 

    • Fill your Clubhouse Trophy Case 

Super Bowl Champion
M15 Regular Season XXVIII Champion
 Coach: Bass "Bass2881"

Hall of Fame
M25 Hall of Fame Inductees
Inducted Class of M25