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  The CSC Sports Network for PS3 was founded in 2008. Mission:
  • To consolidate online PS3 sports

  • To eliminate "cheese play"

  • To encourage good sportsmanship

  • To eliminate the hassle of "no shows"

  • To encourage fun and friendship

Commish - W.K Bulls II
Leave your skirts at the door!!! Welcome to College Swammp Cammp aka CSC 
  • Founded in 1992 on Sega Genesis

  • Madden version: Madden '92

  • 4 Founders from Tuskegee University 

  • CSC Football is by REFERRALS ONLY!  

 Hall of Fame
Congrats to our CSC M25 and NCAA 14 Inductees
Regular Season Awards  
Offensive Award: "High scorer"
Coach: Shawn "Socheel"
Defensive Award: "Lock 'em down" 
Coach: Bulls "Bulls" 
Sportsmanship Award: "Always ready to play"
Coach: Bulls "Bulls" 
GM/Coach Award:"Master gameplay moves"
Coach: Shawn "Socheel"

Total Access:
Hosted by El Loco Toro  
A Running with The Bulls Production

Bleacher's Report

Madden 25: CSC Season XXIV
CSC Hall of Fame Edition
To commemorate Madden 25 this version will be known as the Hall of Fame Edition.

CSC Hall of Fame
  • Madden HOF Inductees: Coach Shawn-nomatterwhat1, Coach Shawn-Socheel, Coach Bulls, Coach Zach-clock0work6, Coach Rob-dollartrifecta
  • NCAA HOF: Coach Sean-havocbluphi, Coach Bulls
  • HOF Banners: CSC Champions 
Season XXIV Updates
  • Advance to Week 6: Advance Saturday @ 11 pm est
  • GOTW: Lions (5-1) vs Packers (5-1)
  • Preview: This is a NFC North Division match up. The Lions under Hall of Fame Coach Rob aka dollartrifecta is making waves once again in the NFC North! However, the surging Packers under Coach Dwayne aka drsdaman has been playing great with their aggressive run game. I will slightly favor the Packers in this battle.
  • CSC Sportsline: Packers by 3
Article -Auto Pilot Teams
  • Intro: There are several teams who opted to not to play the final season. You DO NOT have to coordinate to play the following teams:
  • Dallas Cowboys: On autopilot
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: On autopilot
  • Kansas City Chiefs: On autopilot
  • Seattle Seahawks: On autopilot
  • Miami Dolphins: On autopilot
  • Baltimore Ravens: On autopilot
  • Houston Texans: On autopilot
  • Minnesota Vikings: On autopilot
  • Cincinnati Bengals: On autopilot
  • Buffalo Bills: On autopilot
Special Report - NA
Wall of Honor:
 NCAA Trophy       Madden Trophy
Championship Rings    Tourney Trophy
Championship Glory
Welcome to CSC Championship Glory!!! 
    • Obtain a League Championship Trophy

    • Obtain a Championship Banner

    • Obtain a Championship Ring

    • Obtain a Tourney Trophy

    • Obtain a Regular Season Award 

    • Fill your Clubhouse Trophy Case 

Super Bowl Champion
M25 Regular Season XXIII Champion
 Coach: Shawn "Socheel" 

NCAA National Champion
NCAA 14 National Champion X
Coach: Sean "Havocbluphi: