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"Leave your skits at the door!!!"...Welcome to the one and only CSC Sports Network

Founded in 1992
on Sage Genesis
Established in 2008
for Next-Gen Systems

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Running with the Bulls Broadcast & Productions
"Twitch TV Broadcast"

       "Hosted by El Loco Toro"



Madden 17: CSC Sports Network
CSC Play-Station 4 Edition

 The Standards of the CSC
  • To consolidate online sporting games: The CSC is an "One-Stop-Shop" for the Play-Station 4

  • To eliminate "cheese play": The CSC strives on having a competitive playing atmosphere

  • To encourage good sportsmanship: The CSC encourages an enjoyable gaming environment

  • To eliminate the hassle of "no shows": The CSC has comprehensive scheduling protocols

  • To encourage fun and friendship: The CSC is by "Invitation Only"


Article: Season XXXIV
  • Intro: Congrats to Coach Sean and the Jacksonville Jaguars winning CSC Super Bowl XXXIII.
  • CSC Season XXXIV: The CSC playoffs is underway. Who will win CSC Season XXXIV? Stay tuned!!!

  • Commish: Bulls - Team: Carolina Panthers - Role: To oversee league business as required
  • V.P. of Scheduling: Jamison - Team: Seattle Seahawks - Role: To oversee game scheduling protocols
  • V.P. of Conduct: Brian - Team: New Orleans Saints - Role: To enforce conduct and discipline processes
  • V.P. of Player Personnel: Vernon - Team: Chicago Bears - Role: To oversee league public relationships
  • V.P. of Communication: Bass - Team: Denver Broncos - Role: To oversee Twtich-TV broadcasts
  • V.P. of Membership: Dwayne - Team: New England Patriots - Role: To oversee league membership



Ring of Honor

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Super Bowl Champion:


Season Awards:

       Offensive Award
          "High Scorer"

       Defensive Award
          "Lock 'Em Down"

     Sportsmanship Award
     "Always Ready To Play"

Coach/GM Award
"Master-Plan & Game-Play"

Hall of Fame: