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Madden 17: CSC Sports Network
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 The Standards of the CSC
  • To consolidate online sporting games: The CSC is an "One-Stop-Shop" for the Play-Station 4

  • To eliminate "cheese play": The CSC strives on having a competitive playing atmosphere

  • To encourage good sportsmanship: The CSC encourages an enjoyable gaming environment

  • To eliminate the hassle of "no shows": The CSC has comprehensive scheduling protocols

  • To encourage fun and friendship: The CSC is by "Invitation Only"


Article: CSC State of Address
  • Intro: As Season XXXII gets underway, there are three initiatives that CSC HQ will address formally.
  • XP's for Players: The Commish initially left the points at default for 100 max points per player. An Executive Staff member addressed the decision due to some preliminary discussions that occurred in August. The Commish supported the change to move to 300 max points per player. 
  • Signing of Practice Players: This was another item brought up in August by an Executive Staff member. The Commiish addressed that the signing option would be turned OFF with the Executive Staff. Rationale: In the NFL even though a player may be signed off of a team's practice squad, the player may choose to stay on their respective team's practice squad verses joining a team's regular season roster. As this is a new feature, the Executive Staff may readdress this for next season.
  • Eagles-Vikings Trade: In almost 10 years, CSC HQs has NEVER formally addressed a player or draft pick(s) being improperly placed on a team if the issue occurred from the EA-Madden product. This has occurred in he past and CSC HQ has encouraged that the respective coaches work together to resolve (for the record coaches have resolved their personnel issues on their own in the past). There are other player trades and picks that occurred in the NFL during the 2016 pre-season. NONE of these trades dealing with picks were recorded, only player transactions. CSC HQ is aware that this was a high profile trade, however, as noted previous precedence has been set of not making ALL EA-Madden transactions current within franchise. If EA did all other traded players picks and missed only this one, then this might of been addressed differently. This may not be a popular decision but this is the consistent stand CSC HQ has taken.
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  • Commish: Bulls - Team: Carolina Panthers - Role: To oversee league business as required
  • V.P. of Scheduling: Jamison - Team: Seattle Seahawks - Role: To oversee game scheduling protocols
  • V.P. of Conduct: Brian - Team: New Orleans Saints - Role: To enforce conduct and discipline processes
  • V.P. of Player Personnel: Vernon - Team: Chicago Bears - Role: To oversee league public relationships
  • V.P. of Communication: Bass - Team: Denver Broncos - Role: To oversee Twtich-TV broadcasts
  • V.P. of Membership: Dwayne - Team: New England Patriots - Role: To oversee league membership



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