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  The CSC Sports Network for Next Gen was founded in 2008. Mission:
  • To consolidate online PS4 sports

  • To eliminate "cheese play"

  • To encourage good sportsmanship

  • To eliminate the hassle of "no shows"

  • To encourage fun and friendship

Commish - W.K Bulls II
Leave your skirts at the door!!! Welcome to College Swammp Cammp aka CSC 
  • Founded in 1992 on Sega Genesis

  • Madden version: Madden '92

  • 4 Founders from Tuskegee University 

  • CSC Football is by REFERRALS ONLY!  

 Hall of Fame
  M25 Hall of Fame Inductees
Coach: Sean "nomatterwhat1"
Coach: Shawn "Socheel"
Coach: Bulls "Bulls"
 Coach: Zach "clock0work6"
Coach: Rob "dollartrifecta"
Regular Season Awards 

Offensive Award: "High scorer"
Coach: Sean "Havoc4bluphi"

Defensive Award: 
"Lock 'em down" 
Coach: Vern "T2-Bold" 

Sportsmanship Award:
"Always ready to play"
Coach: Martin "Martin32dawg"

GM/Coach Award: "Master gameplay & moves"
Coach: Rich "Shinobi890"


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Hosted by El Loco Toro 

A Running with The Bulls Production

Bleacher's Report

Madden 16: CSC Season XXIX
CSC Play Station 4 Edition

Season XXIX Updates
  • Advances: Tuesday & Saturday @ 10 pm est
  • CSC HQ has the right to adjust advances.
  • Game of the Week: Go to CSC
  • Weekly Sportsline: Go to CSC
  • Rule Updates: Go to: Game Play & Rules
Article: CSC Season XXX
  • Congrats: Congrats to Coach Sean and his Cardinals for winning CSC Super Bowl XXIX. He is the 3rd coach to win 4 titles with one team!
  • Resigning Players: Due Monday @ 9 pm est
  • Free Agency: Bid the highest amount; due Tuesday @ 9 pm est
  • Draft: Wednesday @ 830 pm est

Voting Booth

CSC Executive Staff
  • Commish: Bulls-Panthers
  • Co-Commish: Mason-Chiefs
  • V.P. of Communication: Bass-Broncos
  • V.P. of Scheduling: Jamison-Seahawks
  • V.P. of Membership: Dwayne-Packers
  • V.P. of Conduct: Brian-Saints
  • V.P. of Player Personnel: Vernon-Titans
Executive Staff Award: "Outstanding management"
Coach: Jamison "Kingjmb"

Wall of Honor:
 NCAA Trophy       Madden Trophy
Championship Rings    Tourney Trophy
Championship Glory
Welcome to CSC Championship Glory!!! 
    • Obtain a League Championship Trophy

    • Obtain a Championship Banner

    • Obtain a Championship Ring

    • Obtain a Tourney Trophy

    • Obtain a Regular Season Award 

    • Fill your Clubhouse Trophy Case 

Super Bowl Champion
M15 Regular Season XXIX Champion
 Coach: Sean "havoc4bluphi"

Hall of Fame
M25 Hall of Fame Inductees
Inducted Class of M25