March 16, 2019

Welcome Science teachers - This weeks topic - Space Weather

Guest speaker Dr. Tamitha Skov

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  • What is the deal with the butterflies?
  • Explaining Phenomena -
  • Preparing for CAST
  • 150th Anniversary of Periodic Table
    • ACS wants to mark the event
    • SCalACS
  • Space Weather - what does the Sun have in store for us this week?
  • Exploring Space Weather Phenomena
    • Hard to predict
    • based on sun spots
    • Takes 2 weeks for spot to rotate away from earth - length of a storm typically
    • List of phenomena
      • Electromagnetic radiation
      • solar flares
        • EM radiation
      • solar wind
        • non0colision plasma - particles are spread out but connected via E/M fields and quantum
      • Coronal mass ejections / Solar Storms
        • electrons and other elem particles get trapped in magnetic fields and ejected from sun
        • take 2-5 days to arrive at earth
        • create aurora lights
      • Aurora
        • particles passing earth get pulled back by the tail of the earth's magnetic field
        • colors related to different particals
        • red is oxygen at high altituteds
        • blue is nitrogen
      • Effects on communication
        • short wave radio - radio waved bounce off ionosphere (normally)
          • space weather makes the reflections unpredictable
        • near equator you can get interference from nnn bubbles
      • Info on space weather
        • geomagnetic storms
        • solar radiation storms
        • solar flares (radio) - cause radio blackouts
        • radiation on planes flying at high altitude and latitude
      • Super solar event
        • March 6-15 1989
        • could read by the aurora
        • power outages around the world
        • Sept 1859
        • July 2012 and sept 2017 -
          • sunspots were opposite from earth - still had an effect
        • sun is at a low point in activity - big events are more likely
        • sailing spiders synchronized with solar storms (article)
        • Mars has very small magnetic field - the entire atmosphere becomes inundated with radiation
        • opaque to radio communication