Nov 3 2018

November 3rd
Exploring SEP 8 and what it means to evaluate information in a science classroom

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While we enjoy some coffee and snacks please take this survey
Then open this quickwrite

Activity 1: 
Please read your assigned reading quietly without talking
Reading 2 FAQ sheet 1
Reading 3 FAQ sheet 2

Follow-up links 

In what ways does this activity address SEP 8? Let's consider the K-12 progression specifically for our grade band

Activity 2:Obtaining evaluating and communicating information about local issue Measure W
How should we communicate information

Quotation that started the process
"Will measure W allow CA residents to collect their own rainwater? The fact that it is illegal to collect water dropped from the sky is the craziest thing I have heard of"

Activity 3:Literacy strategies in science

Create an infographic with the information you learned from the resource. 
You can use piktochart or canva or compoundchem or Postermywall

What should we include?