Workshops & Institutes

2018-19 Workshops

  • August 11 Followup/planning  
  • Sept 22 - Using Video in science class
  • Oct 20th 
  • Nov 3rd 
  • Dec 8th 
  • Jan 12th 
  • Feb 2nd - Science Teacher Open House 
  • Mar 16th 
  • April 13th - (tentative)
  • April 27th - EarthDay Event
  • May 18th 

CSTA 2018

Putting the Earth Science into Evolution with Sticklebacks
Bringing environment into science class: teaching about local rivers/watersheds.
Scientific Literacy in a Digital Age
Teaching Science with Scratch Simulations
Teaching Science with the Five-E Plus Argumentation (FEPA)

  • Testing the water: partnering with community organizations to address local phenomena and EP&Cs centered on water resources
  • When is a Kiwi Not Just a Kiwi? Meeting the Needs of All Learners Through Engaging Exploration and Interactive Science Notebooks
  • Argumentation in the Digital Classroom, Critical Thinking Streamlined (round table)

2017-2018 Workshops

California Science Summer Institutes