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Christopher Cotton

Jarislowsky-Deutsch Chair in
Economic and Financial Policy
and Associate Professor
Queen's University at Kingston


recent publications:

Donor coordination in project funding: Evidence from a threshold public goods experiment with Luca Corazzini and Paola Valbonesi, forthcoming in JPubE

Grading standards and education quality, with Ralph Boleslavsky in AEJ: Micro

Information and extremism in elections, with Ralph Boleslavsky in AEJ: Micro

Profiling, screening and criminal recruitment with Cheng Li forthcoming in JPET


popular press:

My article in the Monkey Cage at the Washington Post on political campaigns and elections

My article in VoxEU on grade inflation

QuartzFiveThirtyEight, and The Chronicle of Higher Education feature my research on affirmative action

My article in VoxEU on gender differences in competition

Forbes and Huffington Post feature my research on gender differences 

US News & World Report features my research on military bluffs

My article in The New York Times on campaign finance reform