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My Trinity Career

Trinity University is located in the heart of San Antonio. A leisurely ten minute drive down Broadway or McCullough will lead you to the  Riverwalk, where you can enjoy a variety of restaurants and the Riverwalk mall. About five minutes north on Hwy 281 the Quarry mall offers many in-demand stores, such as Banana Republic, GAP, Victoria Secret, and also a movie theater with all the latest films. Inside the "Trinity Bubble" there is an inviting campus lush with trees, shrubbery and flowers.
 The Trinity Community is inviting and friendly. Even if you don't know someone, most students will smile in greeting as you pass through campus. The professors are accessable and dedicated to your academic success. Each student has a wide variety of classes to choose from and is encouraged to have a diverse course load. The common curriculum class requirements are designed to provide each student with a well-rounded education. The wind ensemble, orchestra, jazz band, and choir are among the Trinity student's opportunities to enjoy and or perform music on campus. Extracurricular groups, like T.U.V.A.C., Amnesty International, Cat Alliance and P.A.W.S. all provide students with opportunities to give back to their communities.
I chose Trinity University because it provides the liberal arts education that I want, which allows me the freedom to explore my interests before declaring a major. This way I don't feel pressured to make any hasty decisions about my career choice, and I have been able to broaden my scope of knowledge tremendously. My tentative major is Psychology, in which Trinity has an excellent program headed by Dr. Carol Yoder. I first became interested in Psychology in my sophomore English class at Cypress Falls High School. My class was reading The Chosen by Chaim Potok, in which the main character has a keen interest in Sigmund Freud.

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