• One paper on Shape modelling accepted to Computer Graphics Forum.
  • One paper on 3D human body accepted by CVPR 2017 as spotlight.
  • Attending the 1st Computer Vision Summit held at Google Research Europe
  • One paper on 3D face correspondence accepted by CVPR 2016!
  • I become a student member of BMVA!
  • One paper on 3D shape modelling accepted by ICCV 2015!

About me:

I am now a Computer Vision Researcher at Toshiba's Cambridge Research Laboratory, Uk. Before joining CRL, I got my PhD in Computer Vision in 2018 at University of York, UK. My research supervisors are Dr. William Smith and Prof. Edwin Hancock.

I received my B.Eng. and Master degree in Computer Science both in my hometown Xi'an from Northwestern Polytechnical University, in China.

My research interests lie in solving interesting computer vision problems using pattern recognition and machine learning methods. My current research is on the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics, more specifically, the statistical 3D shape modelling.

In the summer of 2016, I did an internship in Michael Black's body group at MPI, Tuebingen, working with Gerard Pons-Moll and Sergi Pujades.

Google scholar: profile. I become a student member of BMVA since 2016.


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