Colorado Springs Christmas Bird Count

Area Maps

How to access your area map

Access: The area maps for the Christmas Bird Count can be accessed below. You may click on your area on the map image below or select it from the list which follows the map. The area map will open in Google Maps. 

Printing: To print the map, you may use the Google Maps print function or your browser's print function. Printing works differently in each browser and you will need to play with the options to see what works best for you. 

Index Maps: In addition to the area maps, there are three index maps which provide full access to any map once you are on the Google Maps site. For information on using these index maps see below. 

(Select high resolution 720 from the "settings" options and full screen for best results.)

North Index Map Southwest Index Map Southeast Index Map Area 1a Area 1b Area 2 Area 3 Area 4a Area 4b Area 5 Area 6a Area 6b Area 7 Area 8a Area 8b Area 8c Area 9 Area 10a Area 10b Area 11 Area 12a Area 12b Area 12c Area 12d Area 12e Area 13a Area 13b Area 13c Area 13d Area 13e Area 14a Area 14b Area 14c

Index Maps

In addition to the area maps, there are three index maps which provide full access to any map once you are on the Google Maps site. The index maps are grouped into regions that cover the areas in the north, the southeast and the southwest of the count circle. (You can see these areas on the map below as marked by the red "dots".) The index maps can be accessed from the map below by clicking on the corner labels. The index map will open in Google Maps.  Once there, click on the area you want and select it from the pop-up. From the area map you can also return to the index map by clicking on the area and selecting the return link, for example "(Click here to return to the southwest areas map)". 

From the index maps you can also go to the other index maps by clicking on the index area you want and then clicking on index area. From the pop-up click on the "view area" link.
  1. North Index Map
  2. Southeast Index Map
  3. Southwest Index Map

The links below open the Google map of an individual area.

Each area map includes a link back to its index map.
  1. Area 1a: Cragmor - Garden Ranch
  2. Area 1b: Patty Jewett - Nancy Lewis Park
  3. Area 2: Palmer Park
  4. Area 3: Cheyenne Hills - Stratton Hills, Quail Lake
  5. Area 4a: Memorial Park - Prospect Lake - Evergreen Cemetery - Valley Hi Golf Course - Fountain
  6. Area 4b: CS Airport - Peterson AFB
  7. Area 5: Mule Farm - Pinello - Venetucci - Ftn Creek
  8. Area 6a: Big Johnson Res. - Fountain Valley School - Security - Widefield
  9. Area 6b: North Fountain Creek Regional Park & Trail to south end of Venetucci Farm
  10. Area 7: Fort Carson
  11. Area 8a: Country Club of Colorado - Broadmoor Bluffs
  12. Area 8b: Cheyenne Mountain State Park
  13. Area 8c: Rock Creek Surrounds
  14. Area 9: Bear Creek Regional Park and Motor City
  15. Area 10a: Broadmoor - Lower Skyway - Ivywild
  16. Area 10b: Old Stage Road & upper Gold Camp Road
  17. Area 11: N Cheyenne Canyon - Stratton Open Space - UpperTop Skyway
  18. Area 12a: Manitou Springs
  19. Area 12b: Red Rock Canyon Open Space
  20. Area 12c: Bott - Gold Hill Subdivisions
  21. Area 12d: Crystal Park
  22. Area 12e: Section 16 - Upper Bear Creek Drainage
  23. Area 13a: Lower Manitou Ave., GOG & Pleasant Valley Subdivisions
  24. Area 13b: Garden of the Gods Park
  25. Area 13c: Glen Eyrie
  26. Area 13d: Cedar Heights Subdivision
  27. Area 13e: Old Colorado City, Westside, Indian Heights
  28. Area 14a: Holland Park - Kissing Camels Surrounds
  29. Area 14b: Sondermann Park & Mesa Surrounds
  30. Area 14c: Monument Valley Park Surrounds