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Monday 30-April

posted Apr 30, 2012, 9:18 AM by Rick M   [ updated Apr 30, 2012, 1:00 PM ]


  • Wednesday's lecture will be in 228 Gould-Simpson
    • Only for those who have not finished Boggle 
    • If done with Boggle, you need not show up
  • Current D2L grades now shows an estimate of your final grade (no Boggle scores yet)
    • And they now include the bonuses, about 1/3 of a letter grade max
  • Reminder: there is no final exam (today is our last meeting unless you still need to finish Boggle during Wednesday lecture time in 228 GS)
  • WICS sponsored event
    • 737 Gould-Simpson Free Cookies & Beverages
    • Fun logic puzzles, board games, jigsaw puzzles
    • Tomorrow, Tuesday 3:30-7pm


  • If necessary, finish Boggle 2 due Wednesday 5:00 pm, turn into Webcat
    • Section leaders will be in 228 Gould-Simpson after 5:00 pm
    • -10 late penalty from 5:01 pm to 11:59 pm, no credit after that 
  • If necessary, finish Boggle 3: GUI due Wednesday 5:00 pm, turn into D2L Dropbox  Boggle 3: BoggleGUI
    • -10 late penalty from 5:01 pm to 11:59 pm, no credit after that 

Lecture Outline

  • Add a Timer to an event-driven GUI  (not required for Boggle, but you may want to try, it another example of creating and registering a listener)  TimerCode
  • Any questions on Boggle 2 or the GUI (Rick is summarizing things that came up over the weekend)?
    • Do not use static variables in class Boggle (a subtle, difficult to detect error that causes a great loss of points!!!!)
    • The required GUI goes to D2L Dropbox  Boggle 3: BoggleGUI 
    • Console Boggle is now a 5 pt bonus if turned into D2L dropbox Boggle Bonus Console Game (0..5 pt bonus instead of 20/100)
      • We will not look for the Console game on WebCat
      • If you want the bonus, turn in one Java class with a main method, turnin to WebCat does not count
    • Having trouble with all of those lists?
      • Use the spec as an example of the results of one game play using our very own BoggleWords
      • Your lists and score should match
    • Do not use static variables in class Boggle!
    • The GUI can look different on Windows / Linux / Mac
      • User "Courier New"  (not "Courier")
      • Make the font size a bit smaller or other elements a bit bigger
      • We will be aware that the bottom part of the Dicetray is not shown or a button has "..."
    • Do not try to test for strings like "Q" and "Qander".  All words on BoggleWords have a u after any q
    • Rick posted DiceTray on Piazza Sunday, it is also now linked on or Code Demos page
    • If you are getting timeout errors on webcat (an 0), try using Rick's DiceTray.  
      • If you still get a 0, tell Rick, he will grade it. I've seen perfect solutions that run slow, 
        • Rick believes you should get full credit
    • Do not use static variables in class Boggle!
  • Evals
  • Hand tests back