WebCat Turnin (.zip)

Alternative WebCat Submission (no plugin required)

Use this if the WebCat submission for Eclipse does not work for you or you prefer this method for turning in programming projects, or if the plugin fails to find current open projects (you see a long list of errors in Eclipse)

  • Login to WebCat at https://web-cat.cs.vt.edu/Web-CAT/WebObjects/Web-CAT.woa 
    • Change Institution: to University of Arizona before entering your User ID:  and  Password:
  • You should see "Assignments Accepting Submissions"
  • From Eclipse, for each new submission, create an archive file like this: 
    • Select the Project Name of the project you wish to turnin (double click Project name)
    • Select File > Export > General > Archive File > Next
    • Browse to a convenient location for storing the archive file (such as your Desktop)
    • After Save As: enter a file name like 1_JaneDoe.zip (except with your name)
    • Click  Save  and  Finish 
  • From WebCat, for each new submission (if asked to overwrite with a new turnin, do so)
    • Click the  Submit  button for the open project
    • Click the  Browse...  button to find your locally stored archive file (referenced above as 1_JaneDoe.zip)
    • Click the  Upload Submission  button 
    • If the browser shows the files you want to submit, click  Confirm  
      • if not, browse to the correct .zip file

Remember, if you want to resubmit an improved version of your code, you must export a new .zip file containing your project before submitting to WebCat.