Cyber Security Athenaeum

Cyber Security Athenaeum is a student organization at Texas A&M University - San Antonio

The purpose of this organization is to allow students who are interested in information/computer security to explore and experiment with the topics learned in lectures and labs as an extra-curricular activity as a student organization. The organization will be going over computer security best practices, industry case studies, and will be given hands on access in lab simulations and through real life applications to see first hand information/computer security in action. This organization will also be used as a focal point for students who would be interested in practicing/competing in any information/computer security competition that the university and/or student body wish to compete in.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday Sept. 24 at 10am & 3pm in the lab in room 152 at Brooks City Base. Attend either one if possible. CTF events

Calendar has CTF related competition dates provided by  CSA does not take part in all competitions, view the Competitions page to view previous competitions that CSA has competed in.


President: David Ximenez
Vice President: Mary Moody

Treasurer: Harsh Oza 
Secretary: Harsh Oza

Academic Advisor: Mark Huson

Previous Webmaster: Zach Havins

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