Men's Club Events - February 2008

Look at all we've done together - Past events of note

The World Wide Wrap

On February 3rd - The World Wide Wrap was an huge success.  This annual event for Children and their parents co-hosted by the Hebrew School and the CSAIR Men's club - featured children of all ages being taught about Tefillin in a fun and instructive atmosphere.  Click here for a full page devoted to this great event



Men's Club at the Movies!

Our Men’s Club At The Movies night was a big success with a full house on hand to see the award winning film The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg on Sunday, February 24  


The event had something for everyone – Judaism, baseball, our people’s history in America, and authentic baseball fare including Hot Dogs and sauerkraut.  After the film we heard from several audience members who had met Hank Greenberg and had seen him play.


If you missed the film or want to purchase your own copy - click here.


Our special thanks to several people who made this possible:

Harry Perkal - for the great idea.


Ivan – for setting up the projector and the room for us, cooking the food, and countless other essential tasks.


The Sisterhood - for providing the projector


And, of course,  Aviva Chaidel for helping to handle admissions