World Wide Wrap         

 The World Wide Wrap

Above - Mason Voit - the Education Director of the CSAIR Hebrew School shows the ropes (or, the straps!) of putting on Tefillin at the annual World Wide Wrap.


An event that united our generations, our men, women, boys and girls, in the tradition of Judaism


World Wide Wrap

On February 3rd - The World Wide Wrap was an huge success.  This annual event for Children and their parents co-hosted by the Hebrew School and the CSAIR Men's club - featured children of all ages being taught about Tefillin in a fun and instructive atmosphere. 

It was a truely inter-generational egalitarian event as young boys and girls we given hands-on training in the art of tefellin wrapping by our experienced men and women.

Rabbi Katz spoke eloquently and led everyone in joining hands to create a symbolic human tefillin to wrap around the sanctuary.  Mason Voit expertly led the bulk of the program in an informative and fun discussion.  And everyone enjoyed the a free breakfast featuring bagels, lox, and a crowd favorite: donuts.

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