Remembering Leo Rosenstein

We mourn the loss of a dear friend

A Tribute to Leo Rosenstein

The following is a summary of the words spoken in tribute to Leo Rosenstein at his funeral on June 23rd 2009.


Leo Rosenstein, Tuesday June 23, 11:15am, Plaza Memorial Chapel

Various speakers spoke including our own Rabbi Steven Shulman, Rabbi Barry Dov Katz, Leo’s son Alan, Leo’s grandchild Aaron and his companion Norma.

Rabbi Katz opened with the memory that Leo loved to do Hagbah. He recalled that his super body was like the trunk of a big strong tree with his strong arms as the branches. The words of the Torah were the leaves. It was his favorite honor. He recalled that Leo attended all shul events whether they be Hebrew School, or Sisterhood or Men’s Club related. He “was a glue that held our congregation together”. He commented that Leo had a deep connection to the community and to Judaism.


His son, Alan gave a synopsis of his life. He was one of NYC’s top High School wrestlers in the 135 lb division and it won him a wrestling scholarship to the University of Michigan but instead he went to the Lowell School for Textiles so he can go into the family business. He played football at Lowell and made All American. He joined the family’s textile business and from that he moved into the real estate business. Alan talked about his family’s close connection to Jewish Palestine and the Zionist cause. Alan closed by saying he would have been 93 on July 3 and he died of pneumonia and heart failure.

His grandson, Aaron, spoke eloquently and emotionally about his tough grandfather, his physical prowess and his fearlessness. He told some of his grandfather’s stories. Leo helped smuggle arms to Jewish Palestine through his business dealings. He also was known to tackle and restrain would be criminals even in the later part of his life. He said that going anywhere with Leo was always an adventure. But the previously mentioned characteristics paled in comparison to his affection and love for his family, friends, community and Israel.

He joked that Leo always considered himself a ‘great’ grandfather even before he became a great grandfather. His grandson concluded that Leo was indeed a ‘great’ grandfather.

Lastly, Norma, his companion for the last set of years, spoke. She spoke about how she met him and the various dates they went on. She called him ‘one of a kind’. “I will miss him Leo very much”, she concluded. She noted that he died on Father’s Day and she read the card that would have been presented to him.