Our Monthly Message - Synagram

Our Monthly Message to CSAIR - also seen in the Synagram

Our Monthly Message to all of CSAIR - this can also be read in the Sep-09 Synagram

 You Don’t Look A Day Over 5,768!

 Hello friends

 It’s hard to believe that a new Jewish year, 5769 to be exact, will soon be upon us.  And we can’t quite comprehend that a full year has passed since we were sworn in by Rabbi Katz and Irving Ladimer as your Men’s Organization Co-Presidents.  

 But with the changing of the Jewish year this is a time for quiet reflection and renewal.  And speaking of renewal – this is the perfect time to renew your Men’s Club Membership.  Despite rising costs everywhere, for The Men’s Club and for you in your own life – the Men’s Organization says “enough” and will once again hold our membership fee at $25 – even though the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs has asked us to raise it to $36.  And in return – the Men’s Club membership includes a discount card to Ginger Grill, The Kosher Market, and Judean Hills.  So the card will pay for itself in no time and will then start paying you. 

 And if $25 seems like much too little to pay – consider joining Jackey Gold, Alvin Fensterheim, and (welcome) Joel Definer, as Men’s Organization SuperMembers.  For $180 our SuperMembers get free tickets to all regular Men’s Club events – including our Rock and Roll show December 6th.  Just email us at csairmensclub@gmail.com to get started.

 And what has your Men’s Club accomplished in 5768?  We’re glad you asked:  

 Rock and Roll Show.  Instead of coffee and cake at 7pm, the Men’s Organization had our first Rock & Roll show with beverages that had a bit more kick - at a standing room only night in a local non-shul establishment that featured 6 CSAIR members – otherwise known as the Traveling Jewburys – in a night of classic rock, folk and country music.  And due to popular demand the 2nd Annual Rock & Roll show will return to the Men’s Club event calendar on December 6th 2008 - so please save the date. 

 World Wide Wrap.  Once again this was a great multi-generational event as we teamed up with the Hebrew School so that our grown-up and mature members (men and women) could give one-on-one demonstrations to CSAIR kids on how to put on Tefillin.  Rabbi Katz led the group as we joined hands in a ring around the sanctuary – wrapping the room as the Tefillin had wrapped us.  And there was lox!

 Men’s Club at the Movies.  The award winning film “The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg” was the perfect way to combine cinema, sports and Judaism in one great event.  And after the film we heard from several CSAIR members who had met Hank and had seen the first Jewish sports superstar play ball.  And there were kosher hot dogs!

Men’s Club Shabbat.  Shabbat Dancing in the Social Hall?  Yes – led by – perhaps rescued by – our own Rabbi Katz – grown ups and kids danced at Kiddush in the social hall.  The main service featured participation by many of our members – with special thanks going to Harry Perkal for not delivering the D’var Torah.  And there was Kugel!

Purim 2008 – the first appearance of the Men’s Club Thundersticks added some excitement and additional loud noise to the event.  Our thanks to Stuart Newman for sponsoring the inflatable noisemakers.  We had expected the kids to like them – but the adults were eager to use them too.  When Rabbi Balter and Bernice each requested a pair – we knew we were on to something.

Men’s Club Yankee Game.  When the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium lit up with “CSAIR Men’s Club” it was a surreal moment.  And it was great fun to watch the Yankee’s win one last time at the classic stadium.  

Brunch Of Honor:  Presenting an award to 92 year old Irving Ladimer, Men’s Club President Emeritus, was very special because of Irving dramatic recovery from hip and shoulder injuries earlier this year.  And Beth Newman was a deserving recipient of our Youth Service Award.  Our comedy song tribute and “knighting” ceremony added to the fun.  And there were fancy desserts and lox (although not in that order)!

Men’s Club Website.  We had no website-building experience when we started – but we wanted to set up a place where our members could check out past and future events and learn from each other.  And our exclusive columns: Ask the Rabbi by Rabbi Katz, Jackey’s World by Jackey Gold, and the perpetually controversial Harry Harangues by Harry Perkal have generated a lot of interest and discussion.  With 40 pages of content and over 400 “hits” last month, the site continues to grow.  Take a look at CsairMensClub.org

Israel Independence Day – the Men’s club collected and displayed your pictures and memories of Israel .

 Meetings.  Our monthly meetings have tackled topics with emotional content – giving our members the chance to learn from each other.  Our strongest memories of our Fathers, Our biggest ethical choice, and how do we feel about Agri-Processors were just a few of the topics discussed.  And our late meetings offer another option to our younger members.

 So there you have it – thanks to you and your membership all the above events were possible.  There’s a lot more work to do – but we got the ball rolling in 5768 and we’ll do our best to improve in 5769.  This is a great time to join us, again or for the first time as a member.  Just contact us at csairmensclub@gmail.com, visit our website at www.CsairMensClub.org, or send a check to the Synagogue office.  And thank you.