Volunteers (are Cool)

A few flexible hours makes you cooler


Why Volunteer for the Men’s Organization?

(top 5 reasons)


1 - Volunteering makes you a cooler and better person.


2- Volunteers feel a stronger connection - to the Shul – to the community – to your fellow men’s club members.


3 - Volunteers are “active members” of CSAIR – and if you’re not active – you’re passive.


4 - We will give you an important-sounding title that looks great on the resume.


5 - It’s cheaper to donate time than money.




Just shoot us an email at CsairMensClub@gmail.com with “Volunteer” in the title to get started.  It’s easy and fun and you’ll like the feeling of community connection and camaraderie.  And check back here periodically for new volunteer positions




Any questions?  Please contact us at csairmensclub@gmail.com.

Be a (cool) Volunteer

Secret meetings at undisclosed locations?  Inflatable Purim Thundersticks?  A Rock and Roll Fundraiser – in a bar?  Dancing in Kugel on Shabbat?  Admit it – incredibly, your Men’s Club has somehow started to become …. un-boring.  In fact, the Men’s Organization is evolving into a cool place to be.  And because you are a cool person yourself, you find yourself wanting to get in on the action. 


But how?


It’s easy – for just a few flexible hours a month you can become a Men’s Organization Volunteer.  But wait – you are saying – I don’t want to get sucked in to some never-ending obligation that ruins my life (I already have a job and/or family) – and we don’t blame you.  That’s why our volunteer positions are very short on time commitment and very specific in terms of required tasks.


-Special thanks to Yoni Schwab for advising us on this page-


Job Title: Web Site Support


Description: Help the men's club with a portion of the weekly updates to and expansion of our Website.  Update the content on our WebPages.  Help us while improving your own web skills.  We can train you on all tasks.


Hours: Approximately 2 hours a week - from your home PC - flexible time.


Helpful Skills:  If Dave and Joel could figure out the entire website from scratch - with no training - how hard can it be?  But we are happy to train you on all tasks - and beginners are welcome.  Of course, any PC or web skills you have will speed your learning curve.


Who is Eligible?:  An Adult (18 and up) or a Teenager (12-17) should be able to perform this task with no problem.  You do need access to a PC.


 Contact: Dave & Joel at CsairMensClub@gmail.com


Job Title:  Event Fulfillment


Description:  Help with the planning and implementation of a specific Men’s Club event of your choosing – for example – the World Wide Wrap, or a Movie Night, or our Fundraiser, or the Men’s Club Shabbat.


Hours: A one time task - approximately 90 minutes a week for 5 weeks leading up to the event.  Flexible time. 


Helpful Skills:  If you can plan a party, even a child's birthday party - you should have more than enough skills to get started.


Who is Eligible?:  An Adult (18 and up) or a Teenager (12-17) will be able to perform this task.


Contact: Dave & Joel at CsairMensClub@gmail.com


Job Title: Community Connection Representative


Description:  Help maintain the organization's presence at Shul-related events as needed – shiva, Thursday night minyan, , etc.


Hours: It depends on events, and your schedule - no more than five hours a month


Helpful Skills:  Being a Mensch is helpful, but not required. 


Who is Eligible?:  An Adult (18 and up) will be able to perform this task.

Contact: Dave & Joel at CsairMensClub@gmail.com