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  The Holocaust Remembrance Fund

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You can make a difference by making a donation to the Their Memory Forever Fund.



The easiest way is to respond to the Yom Hashoah candle you will be receiving in the mail this spring – just fill out the attached card to make your donation.  And don’t forget to light your candle on May 1st. 


 You can also donate to the fund directly – please contact us at for details.





Here is some additional information on the Museum that the Hebrew School will be visiting:


The Museum of Jewish Heritage covers the entire history of Judaism from five thousand years ago to the present. This museum displays artifacts related to just about every aspect of Jewish history and culture including books, clothes, artwork and religious objects. Short educational films play at several locations in the museum. One entire floor is devoted to the Holocaust.





"Their Memory Forever" Fund – is an initiative of the the CSAIR Men’s Organization dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the millions of Jewish men, women and children who have no voice of their own – those who lost their lives to the tragic events of the holocaust.  The Fund will support several  innovative programs – all thanks to you and your generous donations: 


1 – Youth Awareness and Education

The fund will provide sponsorship to the CSAIR Hebrew School trip to the National Museum of Jewish Heritage.  There our young people can learn first hand about the lives and legacy of the unfortunate victims of the events of the 1940s.


2 – Memory Stations


Our goal with the Memory Station initiative is to reach out to members of the Jewish Community that generally like to avoid Holocaust remembrance activities – because it is this group that will be the first to forget the tragedy that befell their fellow Jews – unless we can find ways to make new connections.  The Memory Station is a display containing literature and information about ongoing Holocaust events and media that we will be installing at a variety of Shul events not otherwise related to the Shoah.  In this way, people can take a few moments to reconnect with these important events.


3 – The Each One Shines program


For many people the thought of 6 million lost is so overwhelming as to be incomprehensible.  Unfortunately, this can mean that people cannot keep the memory of the holocaust in their minds.  But the loss of one life – that is a tragedy that everyone can understand.  In the Each One Shines program, we will be preparing information on specific holocaust victims and distributing them to individuals.  When we are presented with a card that lists a victims name and information about them – we experience the Shoah in a new way – a more personal way.


4 – Website Wisdom Repository


In this program we will be setting up Web pages devoted to Holocaust information – and more important – we will be requesting that readers provide us with their own stories about how the holocaust has impacted their lives.  We will preserve these impressions as a repository for others to read and experience for themselves.


5 - Holocaust Garden


The CSAIR Shoah Garden, the stonework monument on display through the plate glass windows to your left as you enter the synagogue, is in need of repair and upkeep.  The garden features several components – a wall of memory, the garden, and the sculptures dedicated to the 6 million.   Contributions to the garden will go to three things – a) planting of additional plantings and flowers; b) general maintenance; and c) masonry work which is badly needed to the slate and concrete areas.