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Conservative Judaism

At last!  Wikipedia has defined Conservative Judaism.  This should explain everything!


What is Kosher?

Click this link for the Orthodox Union's introduction to Kosher.

Of Jewish Interest

This page has been set up for items of Jewish Interest. 

A Saturday Seder?  Oy!

This year (2008) the Jewish Holiday of Pesach - specifically the first Seder - fell on a Saturday night - a rare event (that will only happen 2 more times in the next 40 years).  As a result, there are several changes to the regular religious observance and activity-flow related to the holiday.  Why was the Search for Chametz on Thursday?  How do you make HaMotzi on Friday night?  How do you prepare for a Seder meal on Shabbat?  Here is a useful and informative link that explains why this Seder is not like all other Seder.

Shop Israel

Many of us would like to support Israel economically by doing some of our shopping there – but it’s a long way to travel, especially with heavy shopping bags.  Here are some handy links for shopping Israel online from your PC:

 - Shop Israel

- more links to follow soon

Shabbat Calendar

Here’s a really useful website link you can use to get Shabbat times and related information: