Yom Hashoah Candles         

Remember those who came before us

Light a Yom Hashoah Candle to remember those who we have lost - but whose memory - like a flame - burns on in our minds - providing light and warmth to our souls

The Men’s Club has been providing candles for this purpose for many years – to participate this year in this beautiful ceremony of memories rekindled and lives remembered. 

Please contact us at csairmensclub@gmail.com.

We Remember

Every one us have lost a friend or a loved one.  In our lives, in the history of our families, and in the history of the Jewish People we have all suffered losses.  Holocaust Remembrance Day, the 27th of Nisan, which is eight days before Yom Ha'atzma'ut, or Israeli Independence Day, is a perfect time to light a candle in remembrance of who we have lost – in our own lives, and as as the Jewish People

They say that everyone's life ends twice – once in the standard way and again, a second time, when they are forgotten by those who knew them.  Help keep the fallen ones alive forever in our hearts and minds by lighting a candle in their name for Yom Hashoah. 


Click here to learn about the Mens Organization special fund: Their Memory Forever