CSAIR Basketball Team Finishes Great First Season!

 "Jews and Jumpshots" a column about the CSAIR Team in the Jewish Westchester Basketball League

 Jews and Jumpshots The CSAIR Youth Basketball Team


Team  Highlights:

Final Record

4 wins, 4 loses


Qualified for Playoff Appearance


Team Roster:

Eric Berger, 

Ben Erichson,

Yoshi Gadasi, 

Sasha Perkal, 

Adam Freilich, 

Ben Amaral




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 CSAIR Basketball Team Reaches the Playoffs!

What an amazing first season!

From out of nowhere, CSAIR put together our first-ever team in the Jewish Westchester Basketball League, and our never-say-die team of seven great young men overcame a slow start to storm into the playoffs this year.

It all started as an idea in the mind of the determined young CSAIR member Yoel Shulman.  Yoel gathered information about the Jewish Westchester Basketball league and felt the time was right to get CSAIR involved.

He found support and encouragement from CSAIR Men's Organization Co-Presidents David LaDue and Joel Chaiken.  The Men's Club posted information about the forming team on their website and featured inforamtion in their weekly email updates to members.

But Yoel went the extra mile to put the team together -  personally contacting and recruiting enough players to round out the team's roster.  After making the final arrangements the time had come: CSAIR's first-ever youth basketball team was ready to take the court.  Representing us on the court were: Eric Berger, Ben Erichson, Yoshi Gadasi, Sasha Perkal, Adam Freilich, and Ben Amaral.  Yoel took the helm as head coach.

Of course, like most first-year teams with rookie coaches, the start was a bit rocky.  But Yoel and the team gradually found a way to play together and started making progress.  A dissappointing although not totally unexpected 0-4 start gave way to the guys' first win.

But at 1-4 our young men were just getting started.  1-4 became 2-4.  Then 2-4 became 3-4.  Suddenly the last place team had become a team to be taken seriously, a team on a winning streak, and a playoff contender.

In came down to the final game against the Jewish Community Center of Harrison.  The CSAIR seven needed a victory to rise to 4-4 and make the playoffs. 

And sure enough - after a convincing 45-36 win, the guys had done the nearly-impossible: from 0-4 to 4-4, from first year in the league to the first round of the playoffs.

And even though our men fell just a little bit short in their first-ever playoff game - we could not be more proud of all of them.  A respectable 4-4 season.  A 4 game winning streak.  And a playoff appearance.

Not bad at all for a bunch of rookies.  And so Yoel, Eric, Ben E., Ben A., Yoshi, Sasha, and Adam have much to be proud of.  And guys - the Men's Organization and all of CSAIR are proud of you too.  Thanks for playing your hearts out for CSAIR and giving us a great first season. 

We can't wait 'til next year!