The Team         

Brief Profiles of Key Members

Irving Ladimer

Irving Ladimer, our  

President Emeritus was the Men's Club President for many years before actively recruiting Joel and David to take his place in 2007.

Irving continues to be a legendary figure for the Men's Club, the Synagogue, and the Riverdale Community at large.

Co-President: Joel Chaiken

Joel has been a Co-President of the CSAIR Men’s Club since September of 2007 and a member of CSAIR since 1986 and, along with the Men’s Club, is active in childrens’ programming, the Havurah as well as other assorted affiliates and projects. Joel is married with two children, one college age and one in middle school. Joel and his family are committed members of the entire CSAIR community, in fact, his son took his first steps on Simchat Torah in front of even his pediatrician.

Joel is a computer consultant who writes custom software for business applications. He holds graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering. 

 Co-President David LaDue

 David, much to his own astonishment, became co-president of the CSAIR Men’s Club in September of 2007.  A lifetime Riverdale resident, David is a 4th generation CSAIR member, as his mother, her parents, and his great grandmother all attended Adath Israel in its former location on the Grand Concourse.

David grew up in the neighborhood attending what was then called PS 24, JHS 141, and Bronx Science.  He moved back to Riverdale in 1994 for the specific purpose of joining CSAIR.  By spending too much of his time studying, David has managed to acquire a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of Business, an MBA from NYU, and the CFA designation.  When not in Shul, David is a Vice President in Global Investment Services at AIG Investments, as well as the Bass Guitar player for the Traveling Jewburys, the local folk rock sensation.  He met his wife, also born and raised in the Bronx, at a high school dance and wrote her phone number on his hand.  They have two sons, the older of which had his Bar Mitzvah at CSAIR in 2007.