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About the CSAIR Men's Organization

We are the CSAIR Men's Organization - honored to have the opportunity - and proud to be here.


Above - Moses by Michaelangelo.

Is the notion of a Jewish men-only club outdated, discriminatory, and worst of all, uncool?

Friends, we say - No way!

Hello and welcome to the CSAIR Men's Club website.  We're glad you stopped by.  Since we (Joel and David) were named as the Men's Club Co-Presidents, we're honored to have recieved good wishes and optimism about the future from almost everyone.  But at the same time - we have sought out all opinions - and we have heard the other side of the story - that the time for a Men's Club has passed - that it is an old men's organization - that men-only gatherings are not a good thing,  Well, in our opinion, we respectfully dissagree.

When we look at the Sisterhood’s movement, we applaud their joining together of Jewish women with resolve, a  sense of purpose, and a vision for the future.  But at the same time we also believe that even in the modern world it’s still okay to think of Jewish men in a positive way too.

If you look in the Torah for example, you may find a few men mentioned who made positive contributions.  Moses for example, who led our people out of Eqypt, was, by all reports, male.  We believe it is a good thing to remember and recognize the accomplishments of Jewish Men.

We believe there are issues and life experiences that are unique to Jewish Men (from our 8th day through today), and we welcome the opportunity to gather as a group and share what we’ve learned with each other.

We believe there are mutual benefits to the inter-generational dialogue among Jewish Men, to discover our common ground, to share what we know and to learn about our past and our future.

We believe that together, we can be a force for positive action, for change and for the betterment of everyone.

(And we believe that a group of young Jewish men grabbing an adult beverage together is as valid a meeting format as coffee and cake at the synagogue.)

What we are saying is this: The Men’s Club is up-to-the-minute, it is a binding force, and, yes, it can be surprisingly cool.  Again, welcome!