2009 World Wide Wrap     

Our Annual "Tefillin-fest" the Men's Club World Wide Wrap 2009!

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2009 World Wide Wrap!

Sunday morning - February 1st, 2009

Even better than last year! The 2009 World Wide Wrap is one of our favorite events – and one the Men's Organization is so proud to sponsor - because there are so many wonderful parts to it:

  • Our CSAIR Kids all had a hands-on opportunity to try on Tefillin – many for the first time ever.

  • Our adult and senior members had the chance to assist the kids (with Tefillin) one on one – making this one of the best inter-generational events on the CSAIR calendar.

  • Rabbi Katz gave a fascinating and fun presentation – with visual exhibits – about the history of Tefillin, how they are made, and what they mean to the Jewish people.

  • The event is truly egalitarian – as both men and women were assisting boys and girls - to try Tefillin on.

  • Unlike almost every other aspect of Jewish Education – tefillin is a physical connection with Jewish tradition that can form a lasting tactile memory our kids can take with them forever.

  • And after the hands-on demonstrations – the Men's Club hosted a free breakfast (with Lox!)

Our great thanks to Rabbi Katz for leading the event, to Danny Chameides for all his help, to our wonderful adults helpers who assisted the kids, and finally to every young person who participated. And of course, it's amazing to realize that other Men's Clubs all over the nation were sponsoring their own versions of the World Wide Wrap that same day.