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The Mighty Mens Club Brunch of Honor!

Sunday - August 3rd - 2008


The event of the summer! More than 90 people enjoyed lox, delicious cakes, lemonade, fancy pastries, and most of all – the chance to to honor two very special people in the CSAIR community. Irving Ladimer – our 92 year old dynamo - who has mas made a remarkable recovery from hip and shoulder injuries this year - was presented with The Men's Organization's 2008 Award of Excellence for all the work he does for CSAIR and the greater community. In addition to all of Irving's well known accomplishments (Community Board, CSAIR Board, etc.), special mention was made of all the helpful work he has done quietly for so many individuals at CSAIR and Riverdale.

Our Youth Service award went to a well-deserving Beth Newman, about to enter her senior year at Bronx High School Science student (go wolverines!), who has been donating her time every Sunday at our Hebrew School for the past 3 years – not to mention her volunteer work for Project Hope and the Hebrew Home.

The event featured wonderful speeches by our own Rabbi Katz - an esteemed Men's Organization Member (and columnist) - and by noted political activist Ari Hoffnung. In a fun ceremony, Beth and Irving were “knighted” with Men's Club Thunder Sticks that had been signed by all attendees and they were both declared “Knights of the Round Bagel”. The morning concluded with a spirited parody song for Irving – called “The Ladimer” - sung to the tune of Dion & the Belmonts “The Wanderer” - and performed by Craig Robins and Dave LaDue of the Traveling Jewburys.

Our great thanks go out to our event sponsors: Dr. Joseph Feldschuh and Dr. Madeline Ginsberg.

And also we thank everyone else who helped us with the event: Rabbi Katz, Ivan Benalcazar, Murray Milgrim, David Cohen, Harry Perkal (check out his new column on our website), Sue Ellen Dodel and Annette LaDue.