2008 Rock 'n Roll Hanukkah Party      

Men's Club Events 2008!

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The Rock n' Roll Hanukkah Party!

Saturday Night - December 6th - 2008

What a night!  There was wild rock and roll music, beverages you had to be 21 to purchase, Traveling Jewburys, a musical (and parve) birthday cake, kosher hot wings crossing state lines, and an Elvis-style Hanukkah song, and more than 120 cheering friends.


There was a little something for everyone as the 2nd Annual Men's Organization Rock & Roll Hanukkah Party rocked the house in the event room at Kelly Ryan's. 


The Men's Club "House Band", none other than the Traveling Jewburys, provided a night of great music.  The band featured 7 different CSAIR members, including Arthur (Howlin' Jewbury) Levy, Bill (Festus Jewbury) Yaggy, Craig (Sneeky Pete Jewbury) Robins, David (Clarence Jewbury) Whynn, your Men's Club co-president Dave (Earnest Jewbury) LaDue, Kerry (Cannonball) Elgarten, and Ron (Slim Jewbury) Minkoff. 


Special Thanks are due to several folks (you can also check our Thank You Bulletin):


Our food team - Joel Chaiken, Harry Perkal, Lisa Chait, and Steve Chait who got the kosher hot wings across state lines and fed a group of hungry Jews with no injuries sustained!


Our Door Team - Sue Ellen Dodell and Annette LaDue, who took tickets and got everyone in quickly with the proper tickets and food orders.


Rabbi Katz and Stuart Newman - for helping to promote the event.


And thanks to all 120+ of you who came out on a cold night to be a part of our event!