Men's Club Shabbat 2009       

   The Men's Club Shabbat - 2009


The Mens Club Shabbat featured announcements by Mens Club co-President David LaDue.  Below are some excerpts of his remarks from the Bimah:


Men’s Club in the house!  Good morning everyone. 


Zac Johnson spoke about gratitude earlier today - I am also grateful.  I'm grateful that Zac was able to share this day with us, I'm grateful that The Men's Organization did such a good job today, and I'm grateful that serives are alomost over so we can eat.


I was not nearly as offended by Harry Perkal's D'var Torah as I expected to be!  He did a really good job.  Still, in case anyone was offended I prepared an apology.  If you were offended by Harry's topic, Harry's content, or Harry himself - we apologise.


And the apology isn't just for today.  This counts for anything Harry says or does for the next 12 months.  Including at home!


I want to thank Sy Ruzal for arranging everything today.  Sy is like a cross between a traffic cop and a wedding planner.  While Rabbi Katz is the most important person in the front of the room, Sy and Elsie are the most important people in the back of the room.  They're our first point of contact and make sure everyone gets in and out and to thier seats successfully.  So, thank you Sy!




Here's a link to last year's event


The Men's Club Shabbat

What's this about Dancing with Ice Cream?  It’s another outrage!

No, no – it was Ice Cream instead of dancing.  In 2008 the dancing was not all that well received so we discontinued dancing and went with lots of Ice Cream instead.  And the kugel was popular last year so we kept it this year as well.

And those are just two of the items that made the 2009 Men's Club Shabbat on March 28th a great success.  We were also very pleased that current and future Men’s Organization members, from 10 to 92 years old - all participated in the service.

Here's the amazing line up of the day:


Pesukei D’Zimra: Dr. Ted Phillips
Shaharit: Zachary Johnson                              
P’tiha-open Ark to take out Torah: Irving Ladimer
Meditation at Hotsa’atHaTorah: Bob Stein 
Introduction to Torah reading: Stuart Newman
Shomer: Judge Walter Tolub
Shomer: MattFenster
Torah Readers:
Steven Chait, Lester Lenoff, Joel Chaiken
Ephraim Edelman, Matt Fenster,

Ethan Tucker

Paul Rosenfield, Maftir, 

Haftarah: Gus Scheer
Prayer for the community: Arnold Hyman
Prayer for the State of Israel: Charles Schulberg  

Prayer for peace: Robert Praskin
Ashrei: MitchellLaDue  

P’tiha-open Ark Dr. Sam Feinberg
Meditation Hakhnasat HaTorah Allen Frazer         
D’var Torah: HarryPerkal
Announcements: David LaDue
Musaf: Zachary Johnson
Kiddush: Zachary Johnson
Yasher Koach to all who participated, or helped in any other way. 

Our special thanks to the one and only Sy Ruzal for organizing the event!