Purim 2008         

Purim 2008 - Let's make some Noise!

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Purim at CSAIR

featuring Men's Club Noisemakers

Purim 2008 at CSAIR was quite a celebration – with (Men’s Club member) Rabbi Katz leading the service dressed as a giant chicken (yes you read that correctly) – a Purim Band made up of Synagogue members (including Men’s Club co-president Joel Chaiken skillfully playing the Triangle) – a Purim slide presentation – and two musical numbers performed by Rabbi Katz and (noted Elvis Impersonator and Hebrew School Director) Mason Voit.

(above - the Thundersticks are in full motion

as the congregation boos Haman's name)

And to top it all off – for the first time this year – through the generosity of CSAIR President (and men’s club member) Stuart Newman, the CSAIR Men’s Organization distributed a special surprise: Thunder Sticks.  These are inflatable noisemakers (think of them as graggers for the new millennium) that when whacked together by our congregation really brought the “booing of Haman” to a new level (both in enthusiasm and in actual decibels).  Youngsters and old-sters alike all participated and soon the noisemakers were being used to great effect.  Each "thunder stick" displayed the blue and white message: "CSAIR Men's Club - Let's make Some Noise!!!" and believe us, everyone certainly did.


Our thanks to Joel Chaiken for the cool idea, to Stuart Newman for sponsoring us, and to Rabbi Katz for allowing the Thundersticks to be a part of the ceremony.