We gratefully acknowledge the support received from the following organizations:

District of Central Saanich

Christmas Dinner.

Saturday 11th December at the clubhouse.

We will be eating at about 5:00

We must have a minimum of 45 people for the dinner.

It will $30 per person.

We will have raffle prizes as in the past.

Dave Taylor


250 544 6258

Winter Activities

available to members who pay

winter activity $60 fee

so please arrange with Cheryle Bergevin 250 652-8037 so you can participate

Sign in at the door... wear a mask,

have someone check and sign that they have seen your vaccination card

Short Mat League Bowling


We now have 6 teams in the league

will have games starting at 11:00 and 1:00

The 11:00 start will be with 4 teams using both mats

The 2 teams for the 1:00 start that can use either mat .

Phone / text 250-812-3400 David Taylor


Please remember to change your shoes to prevent mud and grit from getting on the carpet.

Tuesday Morning

Carpet Bowling League


Games start at 9.30 am, so please be there by 9:15.

Dues $2.00 a week. ($1 drop in fee; $1 prizes)

Covid rules apply. Vaccination cards and masks

Hilda Stopforth - Convener.


any questions please forward to rosern487@telus.net


Whist on Tuesdays,

at 1:00 pm.

Please be there by 12:45 pm . Cost will be $2.00 each time

Dolores Shtybel 250-686-324

and Edna Brown 778-426-4221

($1 drop in fee; $1 prize $$)

Wednesday Bridge

12:45 for 1:00 pm game

$1 drop in fee

Thursday Carpet Bowling

10.00 am

be there by at least 9:45

any questions or concerns please call me

at: 250 656 2434

email: Molly_button@telus.net

or Val Kellond 250-656-4944

$1 drop in fee;

bring extra pair of shoes to change into so mats are kept clean

Friday Drop-in Carpet Bowling

Bowling starts 9:30 a.m.

Arrive by 9:15am - we will have a few minutes to get organized.

Any questions please forward an email to

Michael and Anne Davies at:



$1 drop in fee;

bring extra pair of shoes to change into so mats are kept clean

Saturday morning Short mat

drop-in bowling

starting on October 30th.

9:45 for 10.00 AM start

Mats available earlier on Saturdays for practice.

COVID passport required if not already verified.

Any questions:

David Gladders



Saturday Drop$1 drop in fee

bring extra pair of shoes to change into so mats are kept clean