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Fixed Wireless Internet Connections

fixed wireless internet connections
    internet connections
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  • (Internet connection) Internet access refers to the means by which users connect to the Internet.
    fixed wireless
  • Fixed wireless is the operation of wireless devices or systems used to connect two fixed locations (e.g., buildings) with a radio or other wireless link, such as laser bridge. Usually, fixed wireless is part of a wireless LAN infrastructure.
  • Fixed wireless refers to the over-the-air transmission of information to and from systems and end-user equipment that are stationary, rather than mobile.
  • Wireless service that uses fixed CPE in addition to (or, possibly, even instead of ) mobile portable devices to deliver data services. FW solutions have been deployed as a substitute for wired access technologies. For example, it is being used commercially in the U.S.

Another Farewell
Another Farewell
Ain't looking to win any photography prizes with this. Don't even feel like trying to adjust it in photoshop. It's just a journal entry basically. It's been crazy H-O-T weather the past week or so, just getting hotter & hotter day by day. Yesterday it reached 106°F here. The electrical power went out even. Lucky for us power was restored quickly, unlike our neighbors just across the street who have bailed for refuge at a motel. I hope the elderly folk on the street have someone to take them somewhere until PG&E makes it right again. My stupid Sprint wireless dsl internet connection is croaking when the heat kicks in. I suspect something's awry with that gizmo on our rooftop (a technician is scheduled to come check it out Wednesday). Our air-conditioner can't keep up w/the heat. And it's still so hot at nighttime that we've been leaving it run throughout the night. But thank goodness we have AC -- we didn't always. Our two spoiled rotten dogs are perma-fixed indoors, melted to the floors. Anyway, my friend visiting from Texas arrived here to visit once last time at 8:00am this morning. She leaves tomorrow. I'm not sure what my husband had been doing in the backyard, but as we were having our coffee in the front yard, he came to tell me there was a dead squirrel in the corner of our backyard. Of course, I got up & ran to see, dreading the worst... Oh hell. Yes. It was my beloved Rocky. She was already cold & stiff. Ants crawling all over her lifeless shell. She'd been a wonderful little friend for more years than I ever imagined. I knew this day would come. I dreaded this day. Actually, i always thought she'd just one day never show up ever again. But she came "home" to die. She died in her backyard. I'm glad she did. I won't have to worry my silly little head about whatever happened to her. I know she wasn't mauled or run over by a car. The heat killed her old tired squirrel endlessly pregnant body. I know she was laid to rest with respect. My husband dug her a nice deep hole beside the Italian Cypress that was her home for all these many years. I will find some nice flowering bush to plant there.
Project 366 2008 August 15 228/366
Project 366 2008 August 15 228/366
After some tedious hacking procedure, I got apn and proxy working on my iPhone to enjoy the snail slow $7/month unlimited web browsing. As a result of this, my mobile number has changed, so please ask me for the new number if I haven't given it to you already. I enjoy the convenience of having mobile internet connection, but Gmail, GReader and Flickr gotta fix their sites to load faster. I like being able to take a picture, geotag it and upload it on the fly. Right now it works pretty well with Twitter + TwitPIc. Flickr is too slow. P.S. This is my wireless iron, in case you did not get the connection. :)

fixed wireless internet connections
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