CS 4341 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
A Term 2018
Professor Neil T. Heffernan
This page is at https://sites.google.com/site/cs4341aiatwpi/ and is hanging off Professor Heffernan homepage

The Schedule for this year is here  
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To give you a sense of the class structure, the schedule for last year is at this link.

This is an introductory AI course. During the semester we will cover general knowledge representation techniques and problem solving strategies. Topics will include search, intelligent agents, game playing, rule-based systems, logic programming, frames(or semantic networks), planning, and uncertain reasoning. Prerequisites: A familiarity with data structures and their analysis (Big O) and a recursive high-level language.

This class will require about 15 hours of work a week.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  1-2 PM 
Salisbury 104
It is important for students to attend class as there are daily quizzes.  Class attendance is mandatory.  If you can't make it please send me an email in advance. If you miss more than three classes, your grade will be dropped by a letter grade. If you miss more than 4 it will go down two grades etc. 

To deal with the fact that some of you will get sick this term, or do job interviews, etc,  I drop a few of the worst ones. There are no retakes or quizzes given late or before hand.

Professor Neil T. Heffernan
Office: Fuller Labs 237
Phone Number: (508) 831 - 5569

Office Hours: Wednesday 10-11 AM (or by appointment) NO OFFICE HOUR 9/12/18 please make appointment if needed.
I check email once a day. So don't expect an instantaneous response before a programming assignment. If you need an appointment with Professor Heffernan please email Tricia Desmarais td@wpi.edu. 


If you have a question you should message @staff in the CS4341A2018 slack team or post your question to the appropriate channel. 


Don't email Professor Heffernan, nothing will happen.
(TA) Xin Dai (Office = B16   Office House held in = A22 Fuller Lab) xdai5@wpi.edu  Office Hours:  Thursday 6-8 and Friday 6-8 
Willoughby, Colin John" <cjwilloughby@wpi.edu> .   Friday 3-4 
Yaofeng Wang <ywang15@wpi.edu>   aka "Feng"   Tuesday 2-4 
Yuan Wang <ywang19@wpi.edu> .   Wed 6-7  

Staff Support   Tricia Desmarais   td@wpi.edu. Room FL239  8-1 PM MTWR (no Friday)

Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach 3rd Edition. (Prentice Hall) (you can get by with the 2nd edition used if you want).

BS/MS Credit
If you want to get graduate credit I will ask you to come up with a 15 hour long project idea.  I will ask for a one page plan before you implement.  You pick a topic not covered in class.  Then give me a personal demo and write up showing me what you learned.

Quiz ever other day  (plan to drop some number of them)
Project/Homework (4-6 of them)
15%   since we made too much snow.
Final Exam
ASSISTments Practice work (not correctness but good timely attempts) 
Class Participation
Bonus Points

A "C" or better on the midterm and finals is required to pass the course

Late Policy:
There will be projects that will involve programming in Java and Python. If you want to hand the homework in late, don't hand in a version at the actual due date. Homework assignments will not be graded twice and the version submitted earlier will be graded. All assignments will get 10% off for handing it in late assuming its not late by more than 24 hours. If you need another 24 hours, you can hand in your assignment late for a 20% off penalty.  No homework will be accepted more than 48 hours after the due date. 

You have one week from getting back your assignment, quiz or exam to get any changes resolved.  You can not come to me in the last week of the term and complain about grading on quiz 1.  We will make errors in scoring points from time to time. Its your responsibility to check the grade book and get anything resolved before the TA and I forget about how we graded stuff.  

It is also not sufficient to hand in the code. You also need to explain how it works and provide enough test cases. Points will be taken off for un-commented and un-indented code.

We are using canvas.wpi.edu to turn in homework for this class. Its easier for the TA to grade your stuff.   

If you encounter a problem in uploading your homework, email it to the staff email list. 

Use the documentation standard at http://www.cs.wpi.edu/Help/documentation-standard.html. Like mentioned above, the earlier one of multiple turn-ins will be graded.

You can talk about programming assignments together, but not share code.  This should be crystal clear.  If in doubt, ask me.

Your final grade will reflect your own work and achievements during the course. Any type of cheating will be penalized with an F grade for the course and will be reported to the WPI Judicial Board in accordance with the Academic Honesty Policy.


Send email to any of the staff to get you invited to our Slack Team.
The emails for the instructor and the TA are listed above.
These are the group emails:
cs4341-all [AT] cs[dot]wpi [dot] edu (sends email to everyone in the class)
cs4341-staff [AT] cs[dot]wpi [dot] edu (sends an email to only the Professor and the TAs)

If you send a group email or send an email to instructor or TA, please start your subject with [cs4341], otherwise, your email might not be replied to.

Please check your email at least once a day for updates.


The class web page is: https://sites.google.com/site/cs4341aiatwpi/
Check the web-page frequently as updates might be posted on occasion

A few Random good videos







Value Iteration

Old schedule is here just so you get a sense of what I did in the past but I like to change things up, so no promises we will do what we did last time I taught this class.