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Welcome to CS 377: Communication and Ethical Issues in Computing

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, students will:
  • Posses an understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities.
  • Be able to analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society.
  • Be able to communicate effectively with a range of audiences.

Class Times

Lecture: M W 2-2:50, Taft Hall (TH) 100  (See campus map)
You should also be in one of these labs: M W F 3-4:50, Lincoln Hall (LH) 305
We do have lab the first week of class!

General Information

Instructors:Sloan  Reed
Offices:SEO  SEO 917
Phone:(312) 996-2369 (312) 413-9478
email: sloan @ uic.edu reed @ uic.edu
On the Web:cs.uic.edu/Sloancs.uic.edu/Reed
Office Hours:Mon: 11–12
Wed: 1–2
and happy to take appointments for other times
See above web page

Prerequisites:CS 251, Data Structures
 You Need:  

1.  Baase, Sara. A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing and the Internet, 4th Edition. 2012.
ISBN-10: 0132492679 | ISBN-13: 978-0132492676
(See also the author's web site for the book.)
2.   Sprague, Jo, Stuart, Douglas and Bodary, David.  The Speaker's Compact Handbook, 4th Edition, 2013.
 ISBN-10: 0840028156 | ISBN-13: 978-0840028150
3.   Standard Composition Notebook (9.75 inches by 7.5 inches).  
We will use this the first day of class.
4.   We will  be using iClickers in class, both for anonymous impromptu questions as well as for pop quizzes. The iClicker 2 (~$46) is sold in the UIC bookstore.  The older iClicker version is fine as well.  Do not register for web-Clicker, which runs on a smartphone or laptop, as this option is too slow for our use.  You will need to use Blackboard to register your iClicker with your identity.

Make sure that you are on the class email list. We will be sending class email to your UIC email, so if you read your mail somewhere else be sure to forward your email. Please send email to me requesting to be added to the list if you do not receive an email from us by the beginning of the second week of class. We're assuming students check email every day. All critical announcements, changes to assignments, etc. will be distributed via email.  For the purposes of editing pages on this course web site please register your gmail address so we can add you to the list.

If you register late for the course you will be assigned the class average of all grades which have already been given.

You will be given the opportunity to take a make-up exam only in cases of medical or personal emergencies, which must be verified. If such an emergency occurs, call us or leave a note (or phone message) with the department secretary as soon as possible. If you will be out of town when an exam is scheduled, we must be told in advance and may require you to take the exam early. Otherwise, if you miss an exam you will receive 0 points.

You are responsible for all information (handouts, announcements, notes, etc.) covered during class. You should look at any online copies of notes and ask fellow classmates for missed information, not the instructor or the T.A.

No Incompletes will be given for poor performance in the course. An incomplete can only be given if there are extenuating circumstances and the student has at least a 'C' average in the course. No extra work or extra credit will be given.

If you feel that you deserve more points than you have been given on a quiz, assignment, or test, you must see the instructor about this within one week of the time the work in question is first returned to the class. After this deadline, no claims will be considered, justifiable or not.

Be sure to check the course web page for further information and handouts.

Grading Criteria

    (This is a guide and is subject to change.)

30%    Speeches (~6), given during lab
20%    Term Paper
25%    Random class participation clicker quizzes
  5%    Speech feedback forms
10%    Piazza postings, including speech topic selections and intro paragraphs.
10%    Final Exam
100%  Total

Most speeches will be given during lab.  For each speech, volunteers or random students will be selected to give their speech to the entire class so we can together process what it should look like.

Each student must select a book on the reading list to be used in writing a short paper.  This may also be the basis for one of the speeches.  Within each lab section only one person will be allowed to choose each book. The paper based on this book should be 2500-3000 words.  (This ends up being around 10-12 pages using 1 in. margins, Calibri font size 12.)

Journal reflections will be assigned, mostly during class.  Random journals will be collected to be graded.  Speech feedback will be provided using online forms.  A random sampling of these feedback forms will also be graded.  You may have one unexcused absence from lab without penalty.  Each unexcused absence after that will result in your final course grade being lowered by one letter grade.

Brief in-class quizzes based on assigned readings will be given at the beginning of class on random days so be prompt and bring your iClicker with you.

The final exam may or may not be given, depending on how the semester goes. If it is not given, final grades will be calculated as a percent with those points absent.  (For example if the final exam is worth 10% and the final is not given, then final grades will be calculated as a percentage of 90 total points rather than 100 total points.)

Letter grades are assigned on a curve at the end of the semester.  If your grade is right on the borderline of the next highest grade, we will consider whether or not you were a "good citizen" on the discussion boards.

    Course Notes

      See the Notes link on the course web page for a pdf copy of some of the class notes.  

        Academic Dishonesty

        Any student caught cheating on any assignment will automatically fail the course and may be referred to the department chair and/or dean for additional discipline, which may include suspension or expulsion from UIC.  The same penalty would apply if you were to use someone else's iClicker to give them credit when they are not there.