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Cognitive Biases: A Visual Study Guide
   Creative-Commons (copy-left) graphic novela derived from Widipedia's List of Cognitive Biases.

The study of Cognitive Bias originates from Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman. Their work led to a Nobel Prize in economics.

Drawing a sample from a distribution: a nice guide
This is what you were really doing in Assignment 3.2 when you chose a word based on frequency, 
   especially 3.2.3 after we talked about what it should be in the LAB.

Productive Failure Manu Kapur, Cognition and Instruction, v26 n3 p379-424 Jul 2008

    This study demonstrates an existence proof for productive failure: engaging students in solving complex, ill-structured problems without the provision of support structures can be a productive exercise in failure. In a computer-supported collaborative learning setting, eleventh-grade science students were randomly assigned to one of two conditions to solve problems in Newtonian kinematics. In one condition, students solved ill-structured problems in groups followed by well-structured problems individually. In the other condition, students solved well-structured problems in small groups followed by well-structured problems individually. Finally, all students solved ill-structured problems individually. Groups who solved ill-structured problems expectedly struggled with defining and analyzing the problems, resulting in poor quality of solutions. However, despite failing in their collaborative efforts, these students outperformed their counterparts in the well-structured condition on individual near- and far-transfer measures subsequently, suggesting a latent productivity in what initially seemed to be failure.
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