This project is a main criteria for the CS: 3043 Social Implications of Information Processing taught at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. This specific assignment requires students to complete research about a movie that is related to the topics discussed in the course. Students in this group were assigned the Robot and Frank Movie. The sidebar located to the left of this website, lists all of the main topics researched for this assignment. As part of this assignment students were asked to take part in a course discussion which can be found here.


Social Implications of Information Processing is a course

taught at Worcester Polytechnic Institute This course 

makes the student aware of the social, moral, ethical, and 

philosophical impact of computers and computer-based 

systems on society, both now and in the future. Topics 

include major computer-based applications and their impact, human machine relationships, and the major problems of controlling the use of computers. Information about this course can be found [here].