Berkeley CS286: Implementation of Database Systems, Fall 2014

Professor: Joe Hellerstein (hellerstein@cs)
TA: Peter Bailis (pbailis@cs)
Time: Tu/Thu 2-3:30PM
CCN: 26727
Location: 320 Soda

  • 12/17, 11:59PM PST: Final papers due by email to Peter and Joe
  • Update 12/10: On account of inclement weather, the poster session is canceled. Please check your email for make-up information (instructions for a video presentation instead).
  • 12/11, 10AM-12PM PST: Poster Session, Soda Hall 6th Floor Atrium
  • 11/25 at 11:59 PM PST: Feedback to assigned peers due via email
  • 11/18 at 11:59 PM PST: (Minimum) draft Intro, Motivation, one graph (even if it's a cartoon!), Conclusion due to Peter and Joe
  • 10/28: Please fill out the mid-semester feedback form.
  • 10/13: Sign up for a meeting with Peter if you'd like to talk this week.
  • 9/25: To help plan future project meetings, please fill out the following form.
  • 9/20: We have received your feedback and are canceling paper presentations for the remainder of the semester to make more time for lecture and discussion.
  • 9/18: Sign up via Doodle to go over your proposal with Peter
  • 9/18: group assignments and abstracts due (see syllabus)
  • 9/17: How are lectures, presentations, and responses going? Please fill out this feedback form.
  • 9/12: Sign up to meet with Peter if you'd like to discuss your project on 9/12 using this Doodle schedule (feel free to anonymize your name -- just reserve a slot if you want one, and meet Peter in the AMPLab).
  • 9/11: Email pbailis@cs if you need help finding a group.
  • 9/9: List of project ideas posted.
  • 9/9: Make sure to sign yourself up on the class mailing list or email pbailis@cs to get added.
  • 9/2: If you are planning to enroll, please complete our introductory survey