Have you ever had an idea for an mobile app of your own? 

Do you even wonder how smart phones and tablets function,
e.g. how they know where you are located at any point in time? 

Are you interested in how mobile computing impacts daily life?
Or how it will shape our future?

...Then this class is for you!

In this course created explicitly for non-computing majors, we will explore mobile computing in the following ways:
  • create Android apps of your own using user-friendly drag-and-drop application called App Inventor for Android
  • analyze and evaluate existing mobile technology
  • discuss the global and social impact of mobile computing

No prior computing experience is necessary!

By approaching the topic from multiple angles, you will be well-equipped to:
  • bring your own application ideas to fruition and share you apps with your friends and family!
  • speak intelligently about mobile computing with professionals in the "real world"
  • wow your friends with your knowledge of "how things work" when it comes to popular apps and mobile technology

Through the activities outlined above, you will also learn many computing principles that transcend mobile computing, including:

  • problem solving
  • basics concepts of programming
  • nature of digital data and analytics

Why should you take this Course?

Near the end of 2010, history was made: the sales of Smartphones worldwide surpassed the sales of PCs!  The trend is not slowing down.  Don't miss the boat.  Take CS1803 POC and become a well-informed and empowered member of the mobile revolution!

What will this class count for?

Depending on your major, this course will count for three hours of either technical elective or free elective credit.  Talk to an advisor in your major to confirm how this course will fit into your degree requirements. 

Do you need to know how to program?

No!  There are no prerequisites for this course.  We do not expect anyone in the class to have experience programming or building mobile apps.  The course is offered to non-computing majors only.  As outlined above, we will use App Inventor for Android to develop our apps.

Will I get to try my apps on an actual Android phone or tablet?

Yes!  You can deploy the apps to your own Android-powered devices, or you can use one of our devices.  We have Motorola Droid phones and a Motorola Xoom tablet for you to use as part of the class.  The phones will be available to you during class and lab.  We will also either sign phones out as necessary or grant you access during open lab hours.  The Xoom will be accessible only during open lab hours. 

How will you be graded?

 Project    35%a final project of your choosing (an app and corresponding analysis; you will work with your instructor to ensure the scope of your project is management for the time allotted)
 Homework &
 30%completion basic homework assignments/labs, including tutorials, analysis questions, etc.
 Quizzes       20%based on homework, tutorials, class discussion, etc.
 Participation    15%participation in class and recitation (which will involve lots of discussions and hands on activities, rather than just lecture)

If you have any questions about the course, concerns about workload, etc., please contact the instructors!