CS148 Fall 2013 Scanline Image

K. Smith

In this scene, I focused on using texturing to render a children’s play area. The chest, purple ball, cat, pig, and bear were all acquired from free 3D model websites. All except the ball came with texture files and in some cases a material file along with the OBJ file. I modified the STTriangleMesh file parser to understand vertex normals, texture coordinates and material file references. The STTriangleMesh draw routine was modified as well to use material information during the draw. The chest is a good example of this. The brass reinforcements, rivets, and handles are all created by changing the material settings on the fly during the Draw of the chest object. (The texture file is a wood plank.) The floor, wall, and quarter-round were created with freely available textures. The wall was additionally given a lime-green tint by changing the backing material before drawing. The texture on the large ring was created in MS Paint. The displacement texture on the red and yellow spheres was done using a golf ball bump map I found on the internet. The floor is also using displacement mapping. The rings were created on the fly using a torus creation algorithm.