CS148 Fall 2013 Final Raytracer Image

K. Smith

In this image, I have continued the theme from my scanline image. Pig and Bear play chess at night, lit by two desk lamps with the night sky shining through a window on the right.

The chessboard is made from transparent and reflective boxes. Models like the clock, lamps, and trumpet are decomposed from larger objects, allowing individual piece coloring and texturing. The light sources are two spotlights (implemented for this image) and a point light (dim bluish color) behind the window. The inside dome of the lamp is lit by taking advantage of a short circuit in the ray tracing code. By naming the object for the inside dome ‘light’, the code will immediately return a white light value whenever a ray intersects the dome. This creates the illusion of an area light around the bulb, while saving a large amount of render time.

I also implemented motion blur, which can be seen on the chessboard. The closest white knight is moving to another spot on the board. The close foreground and background are slightly out of focus as well, to draw attention to the action in the center.

Given the size of the image (1600x900) and the complexity (400 rays per pixel, refraction & reflection), I divided the image into 100 smaller images (160x90) and queued each to the barley cluster.